DWEM® – Data Warehouse Enterprise Modeler

Build your own DWH with a simple, user-friendly interface!



Data Extraction

The process of retrieving data from one or more data sources for further data processing or data storage.


Data Staging

Development of procedures for transmission of data and structure from the source systems to Stage 1 (part of DWH) in a 1:1 ratio for the purpose of filling the data warehouse and load reductions of the source systems.


ETL is a series of procedures to extract, transform and load data from the source systems, ie Stage 1, to Data Warehouse.

Data Warehouse Modelling

DWH systems modeling is performed in order to analyze and define data requirements that are needed to support organizational business processes.

Well designed data model built according to the best practice rules will provide great analytical power of the future system and therefore provide better decision support.

Predefined Reports

Predefined reports provide user access to information at the level of individual business units, or the entire enterprise.

Users have the ability to view reports and analytics, and the ablity to monitor KPI’s through the Dashboards.

All predefined reports will be made in Microsoft technology (primarily through Excel).

Notifications and Administration

Provide the ability to administer and manage  the DWH/BI system – setting user rights, night processing of ETL etc.


DWEM Business Modules

Our Business Modules include Finance, Sales & Distribution, Purchasing, Warehouse, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Controlling, Planning & Forecasting, Calendar, Business Dimensions, etc..

DWEM Industry Solutions

Retail, Wholesale, Hospitality, Bakery, Money exchange, Banking, Leasing, Customized..

DWEM Connectors

Connectors to your data sources such as: SAGE ERP, Microsoft Navision ERP, Micros Fidelio Opera PMS, Pantheon ERP, POINT ERP, Mobilisis, Repsly, etc.

DWEM Custom

You can create your own custom DWEM by expanding our pre-defined modules or add additional modules or connectors.



 Defines the database connection

Defines the data sources (tables)

Defines Custom SQL – for complicated tables

Generates scripts for table structures

Starting and scheduling functions

Defines Manual Data Entry tables




Dashboard for ETL process monitoring

Generates documentation in PDF


Developer License

  • Named – User license              .
  • All functionalities required to develop a DWH
  • Import / Export of ready to use DWEM modules and connectors

Developer Runtime

  • Company license – depending on the number of emloyees:
  • Small: 10 -50
  • Medium: 50 – 250
  • Large: > 250

Model Runtime

  • Company runtime license – depending on the number of employees:
  • Small: 10-50
  • Medium: 50-250
  • Large: > 250

Extractor Runtime

  • Company runtime license – depending on the number of employees:
  • Small: 10-50
  • Medium: 50-250
  • Large: > 250

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