GDPR Consultation and Solutions

We offer advisory as well as technical solutions including a secure platform with a range of products which meet data protection demands at whatever level.

Together with a leading data protection platform supplier we offer our users advisory solutions, such as technical solutions including a secure platform with a range of products which which meet data protection demands at whatever level and in whatever business environment.

Advisory services broadly comprise:

  • Delivering initial workshops with the aim of raising awareness of general regulations on personal data protection for all key project stakeholders (all organisation departments),
  • Producing personal data records – using pre-prepared record templates in agreement with the company’s responsible employees. Personal data record protection includes:
    • Identification and description of personal data
    • Locating data in storage and transfer
    • Data protection measures analysis
    • Analysis of right of access to personal data
  • The evaluation of operative risk linked with personal data protection is carried out via the following key steps:
    • Identification of hazardous events/scenarios
    • Analysis of applied and planned protection controls
    • Confirming risk probability via evaluation of threats and vulnerabilities
    • Analysis of the impact of hazardous events
    • Confirming risk based on probability and impact
  • Holding interviews/workshops with important project stakeholders from the IT security field, and working to establish detailed IT resource structures.
  • Leading workshops aimed at gathering information about IT security and technologies the company uses for the purposes of collecting and processing personal data regarding:
    • Infrastructure and network
    • Databases
    • Applications
    • Data interfaces/transmission between key systems
  • Information relating to discussion with key supplied IT solutions which would comply with general regulation criteria
  • Production of a rulebook for handling personal data in accordance with general regulations in cooperation with the legal office.

GDPR Technical Solutions

The Vormetric Data Security Platform

The Vormetric Data Security Platform makes managing data protection easier and more efficient across all sectors of an organisation.

Built as a scalable solution, the platform has multiple data protection solutions which may be implemented singly or in combination so as to give users everything necessary for advanced encryption, tokenization or centralised key management.  The platform enables the addressing of security policies for data protection, compatability requirements according to specific regulations and the implementation of best practice, while protecting and controlling access to databases, databanks and data warehouses.

This scalable, flexible and efficient data protection platform prepares your organisation for future security challenges and regulatory demands in the short- and long-term to the best economic advantage.

The Vormetric Data Security Platform  provides data-at-rest protection and enables encryption of anything, anywhere.

The main features of the Vormetric Data Security Platform:

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) – the simplest and most reasonably priced data protection solution. The platform enables rapid data protection across the whole organisation in a simple and repeatable way. Instead of using a multitude of products in separate and unrelated sectors of the organisation, you can bring a consistent and centralised approach to data protection platform use.
  • Maximising personnel and resource efficiency – with simple and flexible management. Through an intuitive web interface, application programming interfaces, command line interface and tool configuration and automatization support, data protection can be rapidly and consistently adapted, maximising employee efficiency and productivity.  Moreover, this high performance platform makes it possible to optimise the use of virtual and physical server resources, thereby reducing the burden on the infrastructure.
  • Greater data and compliance security – moving security close to the data increases efficiency as it reduces the possibility of unauthorised access to data. With a unique approach to the protection of sensitive data across the whole organisation, including databases, databanks and large DataNodes, the Vormetric platform strengthens data protection additionally with secure integration with SIEM solutions.

Vormetric products

  • Vormetric Data Security Manager – Enables centralised management of encryption keys and policies for the whole package of products in Vormetric platforms.  Available virtually or as a FIPS 140-2 certified HSM
  • Vormetric Transparent Encryption – Includes an agent which works in the system to protect the subject, so as to ensure high encryption performance and control of access to databanks, directories and disks.  Enables encryption as structured databases and unstructured databanks.
  • Vormetric Transparent Encryption Live Data Transformation Extension– Reduces planned data inaccessibility when starting the encryption process and ensures inconspicuous regular   substitutions of encrypted keys in the future by adding this module when activating Vormetric Transparent encryption module.
  • Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway– Ensures data protection and compatability during data migration into Cloud environments like Amazon S3 and Caringo, encrypting data before it leaves the user environment and logging all data access.
  • Vormetric Application Encryption– Simplifies the data encryption process in existing applications. Reduces complexity for programmers, offering documented and standardised API which may be used to perform encryption and for the process of managing encrypted keys.
  • Vormetric Key Management – Is used for the central management of encrypted keys for Vormetric products and also has the ability to manage keys for Oracle (TDE) and Microsoft SQL Server TDE,  and also acts as a server for Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP).
  • Vormetric Security Intelligence Logs – Delivers accurate logs which offer detailed evidence of databank access activity. Integration with the SIEM system is very simple using the Vormetric control panel which places at one’s disposal the majority of the main SIEM suppliers. This  pre-integrated solution will simplify reporting on compliance and speed up the discovery of threats through deep analysis and alerts.

GDPR Consultation and Solutions


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