Technological Partners

  • Barnes

    Barnes is the chosen EMV and magnetic stripe test tool partner of Banks & Issuers, Card Manufacturers, Personalisation Bureaus, Test Laboratories and Payment Schemes worldwide.

  • Exfo Homeland security

    EXFO develops smart resources for testing, tracking and analysis, which are designed for fixed and mobile network operators, companies and equipment manufacturers in the global communications industry.

  • Gemalto

    Solutions focused on authentication and protection in the domains of Big Data, IoT, Cloud services, payment transactions, etc.

  • H.P. Marketing & Consulting

    Company H.P. Marketing & Consulting has been active in the security branch for more than 35 years and specialised in the development and production of custom made jammers. Our years of experience and the direct contact with our customers make us one of the world’s leading manufacturers of jammers.

  • IBM

    One of the world's leading computer and information technology corporations.

  • Kofax

    Leading world solutions for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), financial process automation, process intelligence, etc.

  • Qualys

    Leading world solutions from the domain of information security and solutions for cloud compliance analysis .

  • SAP

    Multinational software corporation focused on the development of enterprise solutions for business process support and user relations.

  • Squarehead Technology

    Squarehead Technology enables the use of precision audio capture of acoustical events. Systems from Squarehead can both understand where a sound, e.g. a drone, is coming from and focus in on that sound. By filtering out and reducing unwanted noise from areas of no interest, Squarehead achieves better range and clearer sound compared to conventional systems.

  • Trilab

    A company focused on producing eCommerce solutions, middleware, user portals and mobile applications, with many years of experience in developing, building and certifying internet systems according to the PCI DSS security standard.

  • TruMedia

    TruMedia is a leading provider of real-time automated audience measurement solutions in digital signalling and retail. Their state-of-the-art video analytics technology measures visual attention to posters, digital signs, TV monitors or products in shops.

  • UL

    UL helps companies demonstrate security, confirm compliance, improve sustainability, manage transparency, deliver quality and performance, strengthen security, protect brand reputation, build excellence in the workplace and improve social well-being.

  • Verisec

    Verisec is an international IT security solutions company which offers innovative solutions for banking, government and companies across the world.

  • Verisoft

    Verisoft is an agile software company with 30 years of experience in electronic payment systems, offering solutions for every step in this area – from printing plastic magstripes and card chips to EFT/POS and ATM communications systems.

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