Company profile

ALFATEC Group was founded in year 1990 with the first possibilities of establishing privately owned enterprises in Croatia. Through continuous investment in our employees and the modern world information and communication technologies we are recognized as a reliable partner, both in Croatia and in the region of Southeastern Europe. This is supported by the recently obtained award (“Gazelle Company”) for three consecutive year revenue growth of over 35%, given by the association Our team counts around 60 experts of high level of education and extensive experience in the development of information and communication systems, and it gives us the greatest force for further business development and expansion. Since inception, we have focused on solutions and data management systems in which we rely on technology of world’s renowned manufacturers.

The following describes our expertise.

Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse

We were the first in Croatia who entered the segment of Business Intelligence way back to year 1999. At that time, the market was poorly educated about BI and because of it, we held many workshops and conferences to raise the level of knowledge of Business Intelligence. It helps and facilitates the daily business decision-making that is unfolding operations. We provide full service of building BI system which includes:

   Business analysis

   Business and technical insight

   Dimensional data model development

   Building a data warehouse

   ETL (Extract Transform Load)

   Analytics and reporting


   System Maintenance

   Technical Support

   Data Integration

   Data cleansing

   Project management

   Financial Consolidation

   Planning, budgeting , forecasting

   “What-if” simulations

   CPM , BSC , SM, ABC , Risk

   Management, Basel II …

Feedback from the market is telling us that our BI solutions are used daily at all levels of business decision making, which speaks of quality and ease of use. That is one of the key requirements that any company entering BI project is counting on.

Information Security

In the area of information security, we are present in the region since the beginning of the 90s of the last century when we participated, together with the leading Croatian financial institutions and banks, in the creation of the payment system and the beginning of card operations business. We participated in the initial development and modernization of specific banking segments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

Every day we take part in the development of IT security solutions and services to raise safety of everyday business to the highest level. Systematically we work on raising awareness of the state institutions of the need for information security in accordance with the practices of similar institutions in EU. We are long time partners, in the field of information security and cryptographic equipment and solutions, with Thales e -Security worldwide renowned company, as well as with several other leading companies in the field of security and credit card operations like Verisoft, Qualys, Collis, Arcot, Acertigo, etc.

In collaboration with a qualified PCI auditor, ALFATEC Group has participated in the process of obtaining PCI DSS certification for the first bank certified in Croatia. ALFATEC Group is certified for installation, maintenance and support of a wide range of cryptographic equipment and solutions.


ALFATEC Group is an Informix distributor on the Croatian and neighbouring markets for over 18 years. During this almost two decades ALFATEC Group is bringing superb Informix Data Management technology to its customers. ALFATEC Group is working by so-called IBM ISV / TP (Independent Software Vendor / Technology partner) distribution model, which has a base in the highly successful Informix distribution channel, wherein the distributor together with ISV partners monitors users in all phases of construction, maintenance and improvement of the system.

Apart from Croatia, our professional consulting services through the ISV / TP distribution channel are provided in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. As an IBM Information Management software distributor, ALFATEC Group is authorized to sell Informix licenses worldwide.

As part of the IBM Information Management software offer, ALFATEC Group is specialized in the whole Informix product range. In the Informix segment, ALFATEC Group provides high level of professional support and maintenance services, based on many years of experience implementing complex business systems to Informix platform. Support includes a wide range of activities, from technical maintenance over data base administration to consulting services. Education of customers and partners is a crucial segment of our services offering for successful work with Informix products.

The Information Management Sector of ALFATEC Group counts six experienced professionals who have the highest number of certifications from IBM Information Management areas in Croatia (18). A large number of users continuously for many years use our services, and the number of ISV partners who have recognized our quality and benefits of our distribution channel is constantly growing (30). All of these facts mentioned above are the result of hard work and a simple strategy: a satisfied customer.

ALFATEC Group is very proud to declare that by continuously fulfilling high standards of IBM Corporation during the year 2008 has become one of the four “Informix High Value Service” distributors in whole Europe.

A large number of satisfied customers and partners with whom we develop successful cooperation represents our commitment to be even better in the future. We are using this opportunity to thank them and all other we would like to invite to check why is ALFATEC Group synonym for Informix in the region of Southeastern Europe.

Communication Solutions and Equipment

In the field of communication technologies ALFATEC Group has many years of experience in designing and building ICT systems, as well as in sales of whole, individual and specific communication solutions.

As project distributor we are present on Croatian market from year 1990. Our employees are constantly improving and acquiring new technical and technological knowledge in foreign training centres to be able to provide our customers with the highest quality service possible. ALFATEC Group owns a number of certificates that guarantee the competence of its technical team to carry out the most demanding tasks.

Thanks to the technical development we are recognized by our customers as a company capable of providing support to telecom operators and service providers as well as small, medium and large enterprises in the field of network infrastructure planning, network traffic optimization, consulting, installation, maintenance and technical support.

Having a comprehensive infrastructural support, ALFATEC Group is able to satisfy even the most demanding user requirements.

Software Development

Our team of experts and years of experience in software application design and programming enable us with skills to provide you top quality software development services in designing the software solution that will best suit your business needs.

Motivation and commitment of our employees as well as work with world-renowned modern technologies are a constant source of innovative ideas which, consequently, turn to best solutions for your business.


MIPS postal business automation system

Integrated modular solution which covers all business processes of modern national and alternative postal operators. MIPS Postal Business Automation System covers areas like: Item & Parcel Management and Distribution; Financial transaction services; Insurance & Banking services; Money orders; Track & Trace; Cashier Management; Money exchange services; Subsequent data input; Retail business; Telephone & Telegraph services; Process Monitoring & Management Reporting; Reporting & Statistics; and others.

MIPS Postal Business Automation System covers the following functions:

operation of the aforementioned software modules according to the requirements of the business technology employed by the Post

autonomous work of each post office regardless of the communication status to higher-level centers

application support of two-way communication between post offices and higher-level centers

simple operation for all users in a user friendly environment

open for all extensions or upgrades – it is a modular system

system has been developed using the latest software tools and application of state-of-the-art IT technologies


Solution for automatic / semi-automatic recognition of different documents ( forms) , OCR and ICR content reading, processing, monitoring and routing of information. Typical application of this system is at banking institutions for counter business automation in domestic payments.


Payment trasactions management system for banking institutions.


Payment trasactions management system for banking institutions which includes the functionalities for

online customer payment.