Informix novosti

Objavljen IBM Informix 11.70xC3

Objavljen IBM Informix 11.70xC3

Izašla je nova verzija IBM Informixa 11.70.xC3. Osim standardno ispravljenih propusta uključuje je i određen broj novosti.

Sa novostima je osvježena i službena dokumentacija i InfoCenter. Kontaktirajte nas e-mailom želite li saznati nešto više.

Popis novosti iz “release notes”-a:


Automatic read-ahead operations
Configuring the server response to low memory
Reserving memory for critical activities
Connection Manager enhancements
Enhancements to the OpenAdmin Tool


Managing message logs in embedded and enterprise environments


Built-in SQL compatibility functions for string manipulation and trigonometric support

High availability clusters and Enterprise Replication

Automatically connecting to a grid
Code set conversion for Enterprise Replication
Enhancements to the Informix Replication plug-in for OAT


Non-root installations support shared-memory and stream-pipe connections
Retaining numbers for audit log files
Restrict operating system properties for mapped users

Time Series data

Simplified handling of time series data
Informix TimeSeries plug-in for OAT