Analysis and Planning

In this era of rapid change, it is important to promptly respond to any new situation, whether it is caused by internal or external factors. Responsible persons have almost daily decisions of great importance. For making such decisions we need relevant information – clear and understandable reports, based on an analysis of proven and integrated data, which may include a lengthy period of their formation. Such information is almost impossible to get out of standard IT systems, which support regular business.

There is no transaction application, which performs its function (data entry) in the information system of an organization that can meet the needs of different levels of decision-making. The problem lies in the different use of application, which was developed for the needs of transactional mode and performance of daily operations. In order to fix the problems of reporting and data analysis at all levels of the business pyramid, and provide quality business decision support, more and more companies decide to implement Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse system.

Performance Management is a set of activities and solutions aimed to directly affect the alignment of strategy and its implementation. In order to address these business challenges ALFATEC Group is able to provide all the necessary assistance, knowledge and tools to help you more easily reach your business goals. Through a series of solutions from planning and budgeting, cost management and profitability management, strategy and risk management you will “sharpen” your business performance and achieve the business goals.