DWH/BI system development

ALFATEC Group is designing and building Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse systems since year 1999. It makes us the first company of that kind in Croatia and Adriatic region. Today we have finished more than fifty successful DWH/BI projects in various business sectors – banking, pension funds, leasing companies, telecom operators, government, retailers, hospitality, manufacturing, tobacco industry, etc. With our team of experts and business expertise that we possess, gives us the right to say that ALFATEC Group is the leading Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse service company in Croatia and Adriatic region.

Some of advantages of Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse systems are:

  data integration from all existing/operational data sources (business systems and applications, ERP systems, HR applications, CRM …)
  complete user independence in conducting business analysis, or report and dashboard development
  easy and fast business analytics (ad-hoc)
  analysing historical data through time dimension
  monitoring key performance indicators (KPI)
  default reporting
  data consolidation
  data cleansing
  information display using ‘Dashboard’s
  etc …

Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse System – Architecture


Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse System – Modelling

Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse (BI / DWH) system modelling is the most important segment and a design phase in the process of DWH/BI system construction. Well-designed data model will provide great analytical power of the future system, and thus, ensure better decision support. Modelling of the BI / DWH system is done in order to analyze and define the data requirements needed to support the business processes of the organization. As a result of Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse system modelling user receives documents in Word and Excel format in which clearly defines structure of future BI / DWH system in business terms, dimensions, measures, their descriptions and definitions, and relationships. Documents alone are written in language understandable to business users. From the created model unambiguously follows the DWH model (using the appropriate naming of objects in the database), which as such, is the basis for the development of ETL procedures.

ALFATEC Group has a range of semi-finished data models developed for specific industry or business unit, such as:

  pension funds
  leasing companies
  telecom operators
  Retail and Distribution
  Wholesale and Distribution

Semi-finished data models application and “know -how” for Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse systems, enables our customers to build Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse systems in certain business segments, significantly faster.

ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)
ETL is a series of procedures for data extraction, transformation and loading from the source system into the Data Warehouse . ETL typically represents the most demanding part of the Business Intelligence project in terms of involvement of human resources – Business Intelligence consultants. Often, while creating ETL, ETL tools are used because they provide faster and acceptable long-term performance in this stage of the Business Intelligence project. The primary reason they are used lies in the fact that future maintenance, upgrading and documenting is making much easier.
ETL can also be performed manually, by creating SQL, PL SQL or similar procedures. This way, in most cases is still a cheaper variant of making ETL, primarily due to price of ETL tools, which are usually in direct relation to their qualities.

ALFATEC Group is able to support customers in all ETL model approaches, given that we have a team of people who have the knowledge to work with all the leading ETL tools, as well as knowledge of handling ETL procedures in all scripting languages. Our knowledge of all ETL model approaches has been recognized on numerous Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse projects that our team of consultants has successfully implemented over the last 12 years in this area.

Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing is the process of identifying incomplete, inaccurate, irrelevant data, and its replacements, modifications or deletions from a database, individual table or datasets.
The quality of the data, as a result of data cleansing, is one of the basic prerequisites for building a trusted Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse systems.
ALFATEC Group offers data cleansing as a separate service, but also as an integral part while building a Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse system where in the creation of ETL procedure we create procedures for data cleansing which ensures transmission of consistent and refined data from the source system into the Data Warehouse.

Data mining

Data mining is the process of finding a sample of large amounts of data using statistical methods, methods of artificial intelligence and database management. As a result of data mining we acknowledge cognition on individual samples that cannot be identified using traditional methods of reporting, which then results in a much better decision-making support. Data Warehouse is one of the prerequisites for data mining for getting the best results.
ALFATEC Group is able to provide expertise and support to build solutions for data mining, using the best global practices and leading software tools.

Building a reporting system
Everyday enterprise management requires prompt, accurate and focused business reporting to achieve all defined business plans and goals. Given that, business applications and ERP systems are not able to meet the reporting requirements of management, and are mainly oriented in dealing with financial accounting needs. One of the best steps towards solving this problem proved to be the construction of the reporting system. Reporting systems help customers to reach all necessary information in a short time, provide also the independence of business users in developing reports and analytics, the ability to follow through KPI management dashboards, business reporting automation, high level of information safety and much more. Unlike the Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse systems, reporting systems are built directly over transactional applications, and as such represent the first step to a full Business Intelligence solutions.
ALFATEC Group is able to provide all the necessary services and tools to help you successfully build a reporting system in your company, and train your employees to develop and maintain it independently over time.