Performance Management

Planning and Budgeting

Planning represents a conscious management decision in which direction will the company’s strategy move to achieve its goals. Business planning is a rational process of business activites routing towards achieving the set goals and represents a framework for business decisions making. It reduces the risk of exposure to an uncertain outcome of business results. That (strategic) plan is then, through budgeting process, transformed into short-term financial plans for the current year – as an interpretation of the future business operations results. Budgeting keeps track of achieved results and proposes budget correction or revision (rebalance). By using modern tools and applications for planning and budgeting ensures:

  Greater agility in developing a plan with the ability to quickly create new business scenarios and make decisions about activities that will maximize its quality
  Simplifyication of the process of creating and approving plans, budgets and forecasts
  Greater plan accuracy, focused towards strategic objectives through ” top- down” and “bottom -up” planning methods
  Fast and accurate plans closure through automated consolidation process that ensures compliance with all statutory and management reporting requirements , along with a complete audit trail

ALFATEC Group is able to provide all the necessary services alongside world’s leading tools to help you successfully build, use and maintain your planning and budgeting system.

Cost and profitability management
Effective cost and profitability management are the greatest challenges of modern business. In order to respond properly to the challenges set, companies must deal with the transformation of large amounts of data into meaningful information in order to clearly identify and recognize the major carriers of operating expenses. quality business management and usage of available information can make directimpact on increasing overall profitability.

Solutions for costs and profitability management allow users to monitor the actual value and profitability of products, services, sales channels and customers.
ALFATEC Group is able to provide the best global practices, knowledge and tools to help you cope with your problems in this segment.

Strategy management

Represents a combination of competitive moves and business approaches used by company managers in order to attract customers and satisfy them, successfully compete, increase business, manage business operations, and achieve desired goals . In doing so, three major strategic questions help them reveal the current status (“Where am I now ?”) , the direction by which the company comes closer to its goal (“Where do we go?”) and a variety of strategic options (“How are we going to get there ?”). Strategic plan shows future direction, goals and company strategy. It consists of a strategic vision and business mission, strategic and financial goals of that strategy.
ALFATEC Group is able to provide you with all the necessary tools and services to have a successful implementation, development and maintenance of a strategy management system.

Risk Management

Risk management represents a company’s decision limiting strategy or its portfolio respectively. This does not mean avoiding risk, but making decisions concerning the risk that we’re taking. Company’s business is influenced by externalities like the raw material price change or change of tax rates, as well as change in technology and other factors which directly affect its business. Due to this reason, risk management is one of the main challenges of today’s businesses.
ALFATEC Group is able to provide expert knowledge that can identify, analyze, monitor and respond to business risks easier, as well as to align your company’s risk management process with business strategy.