Project Management

Successful leadership and management is not a gift, it is a combination of knowledge, experience, tactical strengths and communication. Methodology and tools are just help in achieving goals set. Combination of all of these components will be the foundation of a successful project.

Through many years of experience in BI / DWH system implementation, system integration and development, we have come to the cognition that a universal project management model and universal methodology does not exist.
Project management cannot be based on commonality, but rather on identification of similarities in different situations. By recognition of similarities and adaptability we have decided to use IBM Rational Unified Process (RUP) methodology as flexible and adaptable to development projects, as well as to specifics of BI projects.

For us, the project management is an important success factor. Therefore, we consider it an inseparable part of every project and process, meaning that it in full sense fulfils the task of governance, which is much more than plan creation, recording of completion and moving deadlines in order to show success. Project organisation and project teams are the cornerstone of execution and completion of each set assignment, while well-defined organisational structure and communication are the right track for a fast, accurate and successful information flow in both directions.

We do not make differences between large and small projects.

Each major project is small enough, and every small project is large enough that requires approach of the same attention and seriousness. In this way, we will not underestimate the huge project, or ignore the small one, but we will implement and complete successfully every project.
To successfully manage the project there is no client and implementer, but the project, in which all parties are involved in their roles with a single goal – successful project!