Trilab Internet payment gateway

Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) for online payment allows credit card payments processing on the Internet in real time. In this way it is guaranteed that the buyer on the Internet (owner of a credit card ) immediately finds out the result of credit card authorization and processed transaction status. IPG collect information about credit card and transaction, directs these data through secure channel (SSL / TLS) to credit card processor and returns information about card authorization acceptance or refusal to the original credit card owner. Internet Payment Gateway is an indispensable component for Internet Acquiring in real time.
Alfatec Group offers a renowned IPG product called triPayment 2010 made by German company- Trilab GmbH. TriPayment is secure, scalable and modular “plug and play” Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) for e-payment via credit and debit cards. The proposed solution is a multi-trade and multi-acquiring system intended for e-payment providers, banks, credit card companies, as well as, group companies which optimize e-payment system through a single e-platform.

The system allows the administration of a large number of companies, as well as, individual clients with their banking connections and credit cards acceptance.

3D Secure solution for secure internet trading

Alfatec Group’s partner, Arcot International Inc., was chosen by the Visa as a key partner for design, development and production of 3D Secure Program specification. The result is Arcot’s 3D Secure history with the longest length of service in development, implementation and support for 3D Secure Programme Issuers and Merchants.

Today, Alfatec Group’s offer includes solutions that are most mature, most advanced and most reliable on the market:

   TransFort 3D Secure solution for Merchants (MPI); and
   TransFort 3D Secure solution for Issuers (ACS)

Arcot TransFort 3D Secure is product family with the longest presence in the market, and is the choice of all leading payment processors, Issuer and Acquirer.