EMV solutions

Data personalization solution for EMV cards production

Thales P3 ™ solution ( personalization , processing and preparations ) , facilitates the creation and issuance of EMV smart cards . Developed in collaboration with MasterCard and Visa credit card organizations, became the best selling solution for data preparation for issuing EMV cards. It also provides everything you need to generate and manage cryptographic data in your environment. There are two P3 solutions, each supported by a full range of contact and contactless chip applications from all the global card associations. Both support a number of smart card platforms including MULTOS , GlobalPlatform , TIBC …

P3 Advance is the perfect choice for small to medium issuers and small organizations which need a fast and cost-effective approach for data enrichment to magnetic tape in EMV supported format .

P3 Server is fully scalable solution that is ideal for large issuers and organizations that need the flexibility to work in groups or via on-line server. This version can be used with a central web server for issuing in branches (or instant ). It is integrated with smart card data management systems and provides post-issuance on the multi- application smart cards .

P3 solution uses Thales P3CM, robust, highly protected hardware cryptographic module. It’s optimized for high EMV data preparation performance.

Solutions for managing devices for EMV cards creation

Verisoft PowerEMV , the solution for central cards issuance which can be used to issue EMV cards with CIM or NUT embosser. PowerEMV simply accepts emboss file or P3 output file and manages personalization devices , such as CIM E2000 or NUT ZT20 , translating EMV chip data into native code for personalization.
PowerEMV system features:

  Possibility of acceptance simple embossing files or rich EMV files such as P3 output file.

  Various file formats are supported simultaneously thanks to the import DLL. Import DLL converts obtained files in the format given by PowerEMV system.

  The input files are loaded into database as jobs for PowerEMV. All processes can be monitored based on the job serial number.

  PowerEMV contains highly reliable security mechanisms such as login via smart card, administrator privileges partition depending on the work type and request for approval by superior employees during requested job executions.

  Quite simply parameterized and modular structure. New applications and card profiles can be added very easily afterwards.

  PowerEMV uses different components of personalization programmes (DLL) to add each application for a given card. If you elect a new card or application, only new DLL should be added.

  The ability to define and adapt multiple application cards

  The same HSM devices can be used for data preparation and personalization

EMV card validation testing solutions

EMV Personalization Validation Tool (EMV PVT) is an advanced testing solutions in the SC EMV payment cards issuing process as a risk and possible damage preventions that would be caused by incorrect EMV cards personalization. Unlike other manufacturers, Collis ultimately offers a solution that incorporates all VISA, MasterCard and JCB rules and ensures that the tested cards work correctly, regardless of where in the world will be used.