Cryptographic equipment

Thales HSM 9000 Payshield

Thales payShield 9000, the latest Thales Hardware Security Module ( HSM) , with its advanced cryptographic performance and a wide range of functionality, maintains business continuity and meets all the requirements necessary to support the growth in the number of transactions , protection of cryptographic keys, PINs and other sensitive data.

Such a range of software options for EMV payment card issuers, processors, acquirers and safe computer chassis is designed to meet FIPS 140-2 of level 3, and also the recently introduced standards for hardware security module card industry ( PCI HSM standard).

Thales nShield production line

Thales nShield family of hardware security devices ( HSM) of general purpose increases the safety and performance of server- based applications that handle sensitive information. Thales nShield HSM devices protect keys and applications that are the base of critical security processes, from data center to work stations. Using sophisticated functions for key management makes the keys and certificates usage and lifecyclecontrolled. Thales nShield switches sensitive keys encryption and authentication in a certified secure hardware environment, so critical operations could be performed safely, even in hostile environments.

HSM for every purpose

Thales nShield family includes a stand-alone device with a network interface, PCI / PCIe cards and mobile module with USB interface to meet specific security needs and implementations in different environments. Thales nShield provides the strongest protection against data loss and cyber threats and also provides compliance with different industrial safety regulations. All Thales nShield HSM devices include architecture for secure key management that allows automatization of load and risky administrative tasks , provides the recovery key and eliminates costly, extensive backup processes.

Data at rest central encryption

Thales Encryption Manager for Storage ( TEMS ) is based on industry-standard, FIPS- designed keys that enable organizations to reliably manage cryptographic keys in a variety of storage devices.

TEMS supports standardized protocols, as well as interoperability with leading storage devices vendors. TEMS centralizes administration for key lifecycle management consistentency and encryption controls audit, while simultaneously ensuring business continuity and data recovery if needed. TEMS provides support for leading storage products which along with related crypto device delivers a comprehensive, integrated solution that grows in accordance with needs of data storage center.

Line data encryption in transport

Thales devices for line encryption of data in transport provide benefits in realization of IP networking with maximum safety.
Based on more than 30 years of experience, line data encryption devices protect
investments through flexibility and simplicity of implementation, scalability and redundancy, all in accordance with the highest safety standards, using 3DES, AES or own algorithm. Security of those devices is confirmed with certificates FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and EAL4.

SafeNet DataSecure production line

Organizations today need a solution that would maintain sensitive information secure, no matter where they are created, where they are stored and to whom they are available. They need a solution that will ensure compliance with all industry regulations without additing complex IT solutions becoming a purpose of its own.

DataSecure data encryption and control solution overcomes those challenges by protecting data throughout its lifecycle from wherever you are, from the data center to the cloud computing environment. By using hardware-based cryptography, DataSecure devices provide the highest data protection security level, covering a wide variety of data types. This unique data protection platform provides central keys management and access control segregation to databases, applications, mainframe environments, and individual files, providing simplified administration, compliance achieving assistance in internal and external policies and maximizing safety.