Security Solutions

Two-Factor authentication

For the purposes of two-factor authentication, Thales e-Security has developed SafeSign Authentication Server (SSAS), which supports simultaneously or separately, all authentication methods ( CAP / DPA, Vasco , mToken , PKI authentication, Todos OTP (one-time -password ) … ) and manage them all under one security server platform. In addition to support for the CAP / DPA and other authentication methods, SSAS has support for integration with RAID server, MS Active Directory, support for integration with IBM Access Manager server, support for biometric authentication mechanisms and so on.

SSAS is built scalable from the channel authentication type selection point of view, as well as selection of number of application channels and application types for which authentication is required. Thus, has a very flexible way of licensing , while also having an interface for simple integration with applications (RMI , SOAP , XML) that require authentication server behind.

Time stamp certification Application (TSA)

Timestamp is a series of symbols that indicates the date and/or time at which the event occurred. Timestamp is the time that event is captured by the computer, not the time of the event. In many cases, the differences can be inconsistent: the time when the event has been recorded by the timestamp should be very, very close to the time when the recorded event has actually happened. In modern times process uniformity is required, so the fact that is being verified by timestamp is usually displayed in a generally accepted format, allowing easy comparison of two different notes and tracking progress over time. The practice of recording timestamps in a consistent manner with the actual data is called time stamp validation. Timestamps are usually used to record an event, in which case each event in log is labeled with the timestamp. In file systems, timestamp may indicate a stored date/time of creation or modification of files. Trusted timestamp authentication is the process of safe monitoring of production and time that document changes are being made. Reliable, in this case, means that integrity of the time source is never compromised, and that no one ( not even the owner of the document ) should be able to make invisible changes in the document after storage. Administrative aspect involves setting publicly available, reliable infrastructure for managing the collection, processing, storing and restoring timestamps.
Alfatec Group in partnership with company called Cryptomathic offers a timestamp certification application that comes from Thales nShield product lines.

Digital signature application

In the physical world IDs and hand signatures are used to build trust and sign an agreement. In the electronic world they are replaced by certificates and digital signatures. Cryptomathic CA professionally manages with all Certification Authority tasks – which includes the issuance of:

   Secure e- mail certificates ( S / MIME )
   Digital signatures certificates in web browsers
   Authentication and VPN login certificates
   SSL / TLS server and client certificates
   for Smart cards for logical access control and application certificates