ALFATEC Group provides not only standard maintenance services, but also a number of specialized services to IBM Informix customers. Services are divided into so-called support programmes that are designed in a way that required professional service by the customer adjusts to the level of support that matches the real needs of the IBM Informix user. Through these professional services ALFATEC Group provides an integrated set of support programmes that each in its own way contribute to better use of your information systems, its timely commissioning and optimal, uninterrupted and safe operation. Thus, it also ensures that in case of emergencies duration of outage is minimal.

IBM Informix customer support programmes are classified into four main groups. Each group covers one or more areas related to Informix products professional support.

Main groups are:

1. “Maintenance” Support Programme
   Informix software products technical maintenance
   Remote customer support
   On-site assitance

Support programme can be arranged for support services from 8-16 PM (CET) on working days, or for a 24 × 7 continuous support.

2. “Admin” Support Programme – system administration
  Informix database servers administration

3. “Consult” Support Programme – consulting
   Informix related consulting services
   Monitoring and efficency improving

4. “Course” Support Programme – education and seminars
   User trainings

Support programmes are conducted by highly specialized employees of ALFATEC Group with more than 50 men/years of experience in working with Informix products and databases.

Programme selection depends on the specific circumstances of user’s business operations and environment. ALFATEC Group employees will be glad to explain you details of each of these programmes, and to propose according to your needs a unique support programmes combination that will suit you the most.