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Digital home

ZyXEL Media Server series transforms your living room into a home theater. You can access, share and view photos, music and video files on your laptop, desktop computer, HDTV and many other devices with integrated ZyXEL Media Server solution at home. ZyXEL Media Server series also gives you possibility to create a backup file efficiently with much less effort.

ZyXEL Digital Home


Without laying new wires, plug-and-play wired LAN adapter converts existing electrical installation in a stable, ubiquitous home network for video streaming, online gaming and web surfing in any room in the house.

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Wireless LAN is characterized by its simple setup design and greater home wireless network coverage. Suitable for connecting laptops, PCs and game consoles to a wireless network in just a few seconds.

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Ethernet switch

Expand your existing wired network with our reliable desktop switches. Using environmentally friendly switch from our offer you can enjoy at the same time in high-speed networks and the benefits of energy savings.

ZyXEL Ethernet switch

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Network storage solutions

Network storage solutions complete digital home with centralized solution for home environments. They are equipped with USB ports that allow users to increase the available space for storage with external drives. Network storage solution not only allows the storage, access, sharing and creation of backups of digital content quickly and easily, but also uses possibilities of built DLNA server for streaming digital media files to any DLNA-capable device.

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