PostgreSQL – maintenance
PostgreSQL maintenance program ensures a high level of work reliability.

PostgreSQL maintenance program is a basic package of services that we offer to the user. Through this program, we provide to our customers high level of maintenance service that can be implemented:

• on site (direct assistance to workplace users)
• from a remote location
• in regular or off-hours
• based on 24×7
depending on the needs of the user.

Maintenance program is a basic level of program that user can extend to other programs. Services can be divided into preventive and reactive, and some of them are listed below:

• Preventive Services:
• transaction monitoring
• connection verification
• automate system monitoring procedures and record value values important for system operation
• checking the free space …

• Reactive Services:
• troubleshooting with the “work around” procedure
• determining program errors
• documenting program errors
• analyze symptoms of the problem
• problem solving…

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PostgreSQL – administration
Administration program provides system administration for the PostgreSQL customers.

The Admin program, or the administration program, provides the user with system administration of the RDBMS system. With Admin program, the user is completely relieved of the regular mandatory activities related to the administration of the system. Initial activities of this program include checking the part of customer IT system. These include revision of archiving procedures, revision of RDBM system settings, disk data distribution, etc. The audit report is provided by the ALFATEC Group with the proposed changes required.

The day-to-day administration is done via remote access, while monthly support jobs can also be performed at the user’s location.

Some of the activities within the system administration service are as follows:
• database load monitoring
• check the size of the table and the index size and reorganize as needed
• establish replication
• replication status verification
• check and monitor activity and number of users
• reorganize the base as needed
• check and / or supervise the archiving system
• archiving verification
• participation in upgrading preparations

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PostgreSQL – consulting services
The consulting services program provides the user with consulting services of our company related to the work of PostgreSQL database.

Consult program, ie consultancy services program, provides the user with consulting services of our company related to the operation of the database.

A consultant program is designed for the most demanding users. Some of the typical consultancy activities are listed below:
• analysis of existing IT system with PostgreSQL database installed and recommendations for procurement of new hardware support
• giving recommendations for designing disaster recovery strategies that are critical to the event of catastrophic events for information infrastructure
• network traffic analysis according to the database management system and giving recommendations for the physical and logical organization of the network and communication infrastructure
• analysis of security aspects of the information system and suggestion of security problems
• migration of large amounts of data or entire databases
• integration of existing systems with new security standards, data protection and data access
• connection to Direcoty Services
• connecting with cryptographic infrastructure …

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