MIPS postal business automation system
Integrated modular solution which covers all business processes of modern national and alternative postal operators. MIPS Postal Business Automation System covers areas like: Item & Parcel Management and Distribution; Financial transaction services; Insurance & Banking services; Money orders; Track & Trace; Cashier Management; Money exchange services; Subsequent data input; Retail business; Telephone & Telegraph services; Process Monitoring & Management Reporting; Reporting & Statistics; and others.

MIPS Postal Business Automation System covers the following functions:
– operation of the aforementioned software modules according to the requirements of the business technology employed by the Post
– autonomous work of each post office regardless of the communication status to higher-level centers
– application support of two-way communication between post offices and higher-level centers
– simple operation for all users in a user friendly environment
– open for all extensions or upgrades – it is a modular system
– system has been developed using the latest software tools and application of state-of-the-art IT technologies

Solution for automatic / semi-automatic recognition of different documents ( forms) , OCR and ICR content reading, processing, monitoring and routing of information. Typical application of this system is at banking institutions for counter business automation in domestic payments.

Payment trasactions management system for banking institutions.

Payment trasactions management system for banking institutions which includes the functionalities for online customer payment.