CipherTrust Transparent Encryption: Quick, effective and transparent protection of data at the system level

The urgent need for data-at-rest encryption continues to grow. Compliance requirements proliferate. Digital transformation expands attack surfaces. Find out more

HashiCorp and ALFATEC Group announce new partnership: Teamed up to protect all your secrets with Vault

ALFATEC Group is very pleased to announce partnership with HashiCorp. There are many synergies between two companies, principally the desire to bring more value to the customers. Find out more

We finished 2020 strong and ready for success in 2021

We all know everything about the year 2020., but this year for ALFATEC Group was also a year of success, inspiration, new challenges and collaboration. Find out more

Importance of end-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption is the most secure way to communicate privately and securely online. Find out more

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"Nowadays it is very important to have quick access to guest reactions to the services we offer. DWEM Hospitality has given us exactly that and enabled Hotel Dubrovnik to monitor our online reputation and communicate with our guests in new ways, bringing our business up to date."

Gordan ŠušakGeneral Manager
Hotel Dubrovnik, Zagreb

"We are extremely happy to be working with ALFATEC Group and with the solutions they offered us. Using the DWEM Price Comparison service has enabled us to automate our price comparison service through the delivery of personalised reports."

Lea KonjevićMarketing Director
Plava Laguna d.d.
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