ALFATEC Group supports the humanitarian initiative Korak u život (Step into Life)

Published: 6. December 2018. 10:39

This year, ALFATEC Group has donated funds to a humanitarian project dedicated to helping young adults without families who are leaving homes and foster families throughout Croatia.

The immediate objective of the initiative is to quickly improve their living conditions and offer them a better future.  The project has been running for ten years and in the last nine ‘steps into life’, thanks to good people, more than 230 young beneficiaries have had the opportunity to continue their schooling and gain further education.

The basic idea of the project is to gather together those who wish and are able to contribute to the realisation of this worthy cause and bring a ray of hope to those who are suffering the absence of a family and the warmth and love it offers.  Abandoned children are those for whom the loss is greatest.  They, truly, lack the most important thing in life: someone near and close to you.  Helping them means helping those most in need.

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