Transaction protection for card payments

Published: 6. December 2018. 10:37

How can you protect payment transactions and all the other data within your environment as well as  what you have stored in the cloud?  ALFATEC Group d.o.o., as Thales eSecurity’s partner and regional distributor, offers the leading solutions in the domain of data protection.

Ensuring the safety of sensitive card data in an efficient way is often one of the major challenges in processing payment transactions.  When sensitive data is lost, the consequences can be disastrous in terms of financial losses as well as loss of business reputation.  Year on year the number of threats grows, as well as the sophistication of fraudulent practices.  The protection of the cardholder’s personal and sensitive authentication data has an important role for all those who wish to comply with the PCI DSS standard (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), the primary global safety standard in card payments, with which everyone who owns, processes or stores card data should be aligned.

Thales eSecurity together with the payShield portfolio of hardware security modules (HSM) is the leading supplier for all participants in the payment ecosystem.

At the same time, the security of all the rest of the data that companies process is equally important for any organisation that wants to protect its business interests, be they patents, intellectual property or safeguarding personal data in accordance with GDPR.  In these cases, the emphasis is on sensitive data encryption.  Thales eSecurity’s platform Vormetric Data Security offers a complete package of technologies for encryption, pseudonymization and sensitive data masking.

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