DWEM Hospitality on ITB Berlin 2020

Published: 26. February 2020. 12:02

The World’s Leading Travel Trade – ITB Berlin (4 – 8 March 2020) is a global marketplace networking and meeting place, trend barometer, knowledge platform and think tank all in one location. Countries, cities, tour operators, online booking portals, hotels, IT businesses and many others have the opportunity to present their best products and services for the business insiders from over the 180 countries worldwide. They all are into finding the key for smarter tourism and better future. https://www.itb-convention.com.

DWEM Hospitality

This is where top decision-makers, experts, buyers and young professionals from every area of the touristic value-added chain meet to get information about important topics and the latest trends, establish business contacts and close global deals. The idea is to give visitors impulse for new approaches, projects and products based on current market analysis, best practices and exclusive studies of global tourism industry.

ITB Berlin in numbers:

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“Experience & Experts” in the Hotel business and tourism industry
Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are an essential future tasks and a requirement for a long-term success in tourism. Also, it is necessary to know your own ability and to recognize the ability of your competition. Improving your product and services is the only constructive way to make changes in the business. That’s why Alfatec Group made DWEM Hospitality as an all-in-one solution for price comparison, online reputation management, guest satisfaction tracking and advanced Business Analytics in the hotel business. https://alfatec.hr/en/solutions-products/dwem-hospitality/

DWEM Hospitality is The unique Big Data platform for the collection, technical manipulation, integration, processing and analysis of structured and non-structured data necessary to the hotel business for day-to-day operational work contains the following solutions:

  1. Price Comparison is a unique, customized service, providing hotels with a continuous comparison of their own prices with current prices and other attributes being offered by competing hotels at any point in time. Based on historical prices and guest reviews, empowered with predictive models, DWEM Price Comparison ensures hotel managers to understand and predict optimal pricing for specific accommodation type taking in account competitors prices and seasonal fluctuations on market during chosen period of time.
  2. Data Warehouse Modeler is an innovative application solution intended for the rapid development and implementation of Data Warehouses and analytical systems, developed by our leading business consultants and development engineers. Its strength manifests itself in its number of developmental functionalities, necessary for the production of Data Warehouse data models and automization of the ETL process, as well as the application possibilities and use of the best business and reporting practice for single users or the industry as a whole.
  3. On-Line Reputation Management has a range of functions essential for hotels to identify immediately any adverse changes in online reputation, as well as a unique communication interface for direct response to guest comments. DWEM Online Reputation Management contains a large number of indicators on the basis of which hotel companies may monitor in detail all the most important information about the state of their reputations in the internet environment. The following are a selection of these:
  4. Opinion – The online solution for in-stay and post-stay surveys. dwemhospitality.com

Learning about foreign cultures, getting information and inspiration for the next trip, or simply taking a brief “vacation” from the daily grind: For the general public, ITB Berlin is a unique opportunity to explore the whole world in just a few hours, and, also, an opportunity to find wanted and needed product or service. In addition to the world’s most beautiful destinations, at every turn there are new cultural discoveries, exciting activities and adventures for young and old awaiting them.

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