Online Workshop – The Future of Database Analysis by using In-Memory technology

Published: 2. April 2020. 14:09

These days, we are all facing one of the world’s biggest health and business crises, which will affect and change business as we know. In future planning, business decision-making and managing companies will rely on big data sources and with the need to process more data. The need for predictive analytics and data sciences will be greater and crucial for most businesses.
Companies will have to make a greater effort to survive the upcoming crisis, and the importance of fast access to good and accurate data to be able to perform analysis of global movements, business risks in order to make quick and accurate adjustments to business models as well as competitive and predictive analytics.

All of this will force companies to optimize their IT infrastructure so they are capable to support all their business needs in the shortest period of time with the lower costs possible. We can offer you better possible solutions to those business challenges.

To find out what’s possible and how to overcome current and future challenges please join our FREE, one hour, online workshop scheduled on April 9th at 10 am. Our expert Zvonimir Carek, computer engineer, will introduce and demonstrate all of the advantages of In-memory database technology and adoption in various business environments.

This Workshop will present the most important features of In-memory databases and comparison to other database technologies. We will demonstrate the ability of an in-memory database to crunch large datasets and possible use cases and examples of implementation in the business environment. Also, you will find out why is this technology so important for the company’s business operations.

But In-memory technology is oriented on analyzing the big amounts of data with unprecedented performances, from 10 do 100 times faster than traditional database solutions. It is optimized for complex predictive analysis, data science, Business Intelligence and it doesn’t require as much administration to deliver outstanding performance.

See You Soon. Please book your attendance here:

Looking forward to seeing you in the virtual environment.


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