Geographical COVID-19 overview expansion in Croatia using SAP Analytics Cloud

Published: 16. April 2020. 10:37

Three things are very important to the remote employees right now – a dedicated workspace, the right technology, and a clear definition of success.

SAP Analytics Cloud really is that right technology that offers solutions able to solve certain problems and certainly will suit your business. What are they?  The advanced technology allows you to get real-time analysis, discovers new insight and turn them into concrete action, which helps you with better transparency and accuracy data.

In life we often talk about timing, so now is the perfect moment to use the right technology on the current situation in which we all are. We tracked geographical overview data of spreading COVID-19 decease in Croatia and visualized them using SAP Analytics Cloud. You can see the result of this video:

Using SAP Analytics on Cloud to visualize COVID-19 statistic data we created an interactive visualization story. This advanced platform is created as a „self-service“ for BI using for cooperation and data research. It offers data analysis necessary for business user’s quality work.Geographical COVID-19 overview expansion in Croatia using SAP Analytics Cloud


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