Lock down your IoT

Published: 9. September 2020. 10:48

IoT is a product or physical device integrated with software and can connect with each other over the internet to exchange information, they help the user for more simple and direct integration of the physical world. IoT devices are quickly becoming features in our homes and businesses, like connected kitchen gadgets, security monitoring systems, and drones.

The benefits of the IoT for business depend on the particular implementation; agility and efficiency are usually top considerations. The idea is that enterprises should have access to more data about their own products and their own internal systems, and a greater ability to make changes as a result.

The  market is increasing drastically, so it is assumed to have more than 20 billion IoT products in the market up and in running state by the year 2021.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, technological solutions have been critical in keeping our cities functional, and in fact the long lasting impacts of engaging technologies on urban areas may occur beyond COVID-19. Robots, drones, and contactless payments help with online shopping for food and pharmacy especially for the elderly, and vulnerable communities. IoT enabled control and automation systems help remote workers for manufacturers and businesses to deliver services. But, as millions of employees across the world work from home because of the pandemic, IoT security has become more critical than ever as cybercriminals look to exploit the situation. The Internet of Things space has revealed how little security are attached to these devices. During the last few years, malicious IoT hacks have grown exponentially with no immediate signs of slowing, while hackers relentlessly pursue new and creative ways to attack and exploit organizations.

Unfortunately, even as OT attacks spread, big corporations don’t usually update security. Some of the reasons include the extensive amount of time required, the need to pause operations, fear of losing a major investment and the overall notion that too many companies don’t take the threat of cyberattacks seriously.

It is important that organizations improve their security defenses to combat the cyber mafia. Here is what they can do to protect themselves:

With the threat landscape so dangerous, companies really do have to focus-in and develop an IoT strategy. Contact us today and we will help you!

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