Try ALFATEC Group solutions and services we offer to the hospitality industry.

  • IT Security
  • Big Data & Business Analytics
  • Databases
  • Our in-house DWEM Products
  • Vulnerability Management
    Vulnerability Management
    We offer a security platform with integrated automated solutions and services which will help you to achieve a high level of business security.
  • Data Warehouses/Business Intelligence
    Data Warehouses/Business Intelligence
    In an age of rapid change, it is essential to make decisions of major importance on a day-to-day basis.
  • Planning and Budgeting
    Planning and Budgeting
    The planning and budgeting process performs a key role through which a company's business aims are determined.
  • Data Masking
    Data Masking
    Data tokenization is a solution which offers us the possibility of more effective access to a wider range of compliance objectives.
  • Cryptographic Tools
    Cryptographic Tools
    We offer a secure environment for all critical processes, production environment protection and key management.
  • Informix Database Maintenance
    Informix Database Maintenance
    The programme to maintain Informix databases performs an upgrade to IBM prepaid and support services
  • GDPR Consultation and Solutions
    GDPR Consultation and Solutions
    We offer advisory as well as technical solutions including a secure platform with a range of products which meet data protection demands at whatever level.
  • Informix education
    Informix education
    The education programme offers the user basic or advanced level employee education and/or instruction according to specific needs.
  • Education
    All courses we offer are led by qualified instructors with many years of experience in working with student groups.
  • Informix Database Administration
    Informix Database Administration
    The administrative programme that provides the user with systemic administration of the Informix system.
  • DWEM Price Comparison
    DWEM Price Comparison
    The Big Data solution for price comparison in all industries
  • DWEM Online Reputation Management
    DWEM Online Reputation Management
    The Big Data solution for monitoring online reputation in all industries
  • DWEM Controlling Engine
    DWEM Controlling Engine
    Solutions for advanced calculation and analysis control
  • DWEM Opinion
    DWEM Opinion
    The on-line solution for survey campaign production and management
  • DWEM Data Warehouse Modeler
    DWEM Data Warehouse Modeler
    Innovative Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse solution
  • DWEM Hospitality
    DWEM Hospitality
    The Big Data platform for the collection, technical manipulation, integration, processing and analysis of structured and non-structured data
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