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HashiCorp Releases 2022 State of Cloud Strategy Survey; Results Show Organizations See Benefit from Multi-Cloud Strategies

This year’s HashiCorp Releases 2022 State of Cloud Strategy Survey, made on US teritorry, highlights the growing prevalence of multi-cloud, and shows how organizations are benefiting from a multi-cloud strategy, as they apply a common cloud operating model to realize value from the cloud. Results also highlight that cloud security, skills gaps, siloed teams, and […]

ALFATEC Group is very pleased to announce partnershuip with Forcepoint and CLICO SEE VAD distributor

Complex Point Solutions Leave You Open to Risk Security keeps getting more complex. When 75 percent of the workforce is remote, the lines between home and office have blurred. Data is now everywhere—in websites, cloud apps, and private apps. Remote employees, partners, and contractors using unmanaged devices and BYOD leave you vulnerable. Devices are connecting […]

Benefits of a Multi-Cloud Strategy

A while ago, one cloud covered all the needs of digital infrastructure for most businesses. Now, most cutting-edge companies need multi-cloud strategies. Multi-cloud gives organizations various opportunities, such as choices. With multi-cloud architecure, there are variety of cloud solutions. That gives flexibility and organizations don’t have to be lock into specific contract. Other good thing […]

The hardware security module that secures the world’s payments

payShield 10K, the fifth generation of payment HSMs from Thales, delivers a suite of payment security functionality proven in critical environments including transaction processing, sensitive data protection, payment credential issuing, mobile card acceptance and payment tokenization. Like its predecessors over the past 30+ years, payShield 10K can be used throughout the global payment ecosystem by […]

HYBRID project approved by European Defence Fund (EDF) 2021!

Our HYBRID project “Hydrogen Battlefield Reconnaissance and Intelligence Drone” (HYBRID) is officially funded by European Defence Fund (EDF). One of the most important projects in ALFATEC Group’s further development will be within our Homeland Security division, coordinated by DELAIR, and supported by ISD SA INTEGRATED SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT. EDF supports high-end defence capability projects such as […]

Trust Nothing. Authenticate and Authorize Everything.

The transition from traditional on-premises datacenters and environments to dynamic, cloud infrastructure is complex and introduces new challenges for enterprise security. There are more systems to manage, more endpoints to monitor, more networks to connect, and more people that need access. The potential for a breach increases significantly, and it is only a matter of […]

Offer a Total Guest Experience with DWEM Hospitality

The guest experience is at the heart of a property’s success. It refers to all the emotions and feelings guest experiences before, during, and after their stay. Moreover, the customer experience is represented by all the interactions between your guest and your property or anything that represents it. We recommend DWEM Hospitality solution to improve […]

What Are Digital Signatures?

As organizations continue the transition to online processes, look for cost savings, take environmental responsibility, and reduce response times, they need to ensure the documents they access are trusted and secure. Enabled by proven public key infrastructure (PKI) technology, digital signatures are widely recognized as a best practice for providing digital verification of electronic transactions. […]

What is a Centralized Key Management System?

Encryption key management is the administration of tasks involved with protecting, storing, backing up and organizing encryption keys. High-profile data losses and regulatory compliance requirements have caused a dramatic increase in the use of encryption in the enterprise. For that reason is crucial to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information—if keys are compromised, entire systems […]

Working From Home Increases Productivity (But don’t forget to implement Zero Trust Security)

Working from home can increase your employees’ productivity in various industries. Known as the ability to work from anywhere, anytime, remote work was a full-on global work movement even before the coronavirus pandemic forced many to work from their homes. According to an estimate in Forbes in 2018 Europe’s remote workers have grown from 7.7 percent […]

HashiCorp Boundary’s Purpose: Secured Server and Service Access

HashiCorp Boundary is a secure remote access solution that provides an easy way to allow access to applications and critical systems with fine-grained authorizations based on trusted identities. Across clouds, local data centers, low-trust networks, Boundary provides an easier way to protect and safeguard access to application and critical systems by trusted identities without exposing […]

Four corners model and Payment HSM Integration – Get Thales’ payShield 10k

The “Four Corners” model is a part of all standard card payment systems across the world. Hardware security module (HSM) is needed for each of its components involved in the cryptographic process. Before getting into how HSMs are used throughout the four corners model, it is best to first understand what  the four corners represent […]

Thales CTM Bootcamp (8.6.2022 | Hotel Hilton Garden Inn) Discover, Protect, Control, Monitor!

We are glad to invite you to a friendly gathering with Thales. In a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, we will introduce you to the CipherTrust Manager and its Data Security Platform. We will also talk about Payshield 10K. Password theft, IT system attacks and data compromise are growing rapidly, and organizations want to operate smoothly […]

Hotel Guest Reviews Can Increase Sales

Good or bad, feedback is feedback and businesses need it. Without it, we could all be doing wrong and not realising it. Feedback gives us the ability to change direction for the good of the business. Feedback helps us understand the why behind consumer behaviour and can help us fix common problems. Having multiple ways […]

ALFATEC Group participated in the 11th Career Week

One of the biggest Croatian career events was organized by the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin. Alfatec Group presented itself to about a hundred students. Students had a chance to learn more about us through a creative video on ‘Employer’s Pitch’, to see the application of practical knowledge acquired by our young colleagues […]

Forcepoint ONE: The all-in-one solution for data security

The December 2021 Gartner report , “Predicts 2022: Consolidated Security Platforms Are the Future”, highlighted the fact that rapid uptake in unified technology will inevitably occur. It also says that 80% of enterprises would have adopted a strategy to unify web, cloud services, and private application access from a single vendor’s security service edge (SSE) […]

11th Career Week at Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI) – ALFATEC Group participates on May 25th

This biggest career happening is made for FOI students. It begins on Monday, May 23rd. A record number of employers will present themselves to students and enable participation in as many as 40 workshops, 5 online pitches and a Career Walk („špancir“) every day. ALFATEC Group will be pleased to participate in this important event. […]

ALFATEC Group received „CEE Fastest Growing Distributor“ Award from Thales!

ALFATEC Group has been, for the first time, rewarded in category „CEE Fastest Growing Distributor“ . With this reward Thales, leader in information systems and communications security, recognized ALFATEC Group as the leading distributor in the region for its outstanding sales and revenue performance. „CEE Fastest Growing Distributor“ Award comes through as the benchmark for […]

Thales CipherTrust Manager Deployment

CipherTrust Manager  enables organizations to centrally manage encryption keys for Thales CipherTrust Data Security Platform and third party products. It simplifies key lifecycle management tasks, including secure key generation, backup/restore, clustering, deactivation, and deletion. The CipherTrust Manager server can be deployed in a number of cloud based environments as well as in a physical appliance. […]

ALFATEC Group participated at Job Fair 2022

Not many companies connect their business experts and students, future employees.  At the ALFATEC Group stand, the students met with our junior colleagues from the Research & Development and Business Intelligence Divisions, who introduced them to their work and daily business tasks. The directors of these sectors also contributed to the presentation, and discussed with […]

Job Fair 2022 – Introduction to Python Programming Workshop

Job Fair is here again, after a two years break. It will take place at FER (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing), KSET and in sports hall SD Martinovka. Job Fair brings together technology experts and curious students in their main goal – meeting, connecting and exchanging experiences. You are invited to come and discover […]

How to create reports quickly and easily – We present Training for SAP Crystal Reports (June, ’22)

SAP Crystal Reports converts all data into interactive, useful information that can be accessed online or offline, from applications, portals and mobile devices. The Training will show you how to: – improve your knowledge of the SAP Crystal Reports tool, – enhance your business productivity, – work independently with detailed instructions from the lecturer, – […]

Enter 5G and IoT World! (And new security approaches)

IoT The Internet of Things is a technology with the potential to transform whole industries by providing businesses with insights previously unavailable to them. The new technology has made it possible to connect any machine, asset or item to the internet and wirelessly transfer data in spite of great distances. And now, in 2022. there […]

Secure and control your email Forcepoint Data Loss Prevention for Cloud Email

For far too many businesses, email security isn’t a concern until it’s too late. Often, organizations don’t take threats against email seriously, believing that big data breaches only happen to large enterprises. How secure is email? Techtarget says that by default, email is not secure for a variety of different reasons. The original implementation of […]

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it!

Those are the words of Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors in the world.  From account hacks to controversial statements, brands often struggle to recover from embarrassing social media exposures. Do you remember Dell Hell? We know that Dell sell, repairs and supports computers and related products and services. It was one of […]

We are sending you the brightest of Easter wishes, with gratitude and goodwill!

Online Reputation Management – Believe us, you need it!

Only a decade ago, things like PR and reputation management seemed like matters of concern for big businesses and celebrity personas. And it seemed like smaller brands had little to care about. But we are now living in an era of an active audience, one where people express their opinions about brands and services on several […]

Forcepoint sends a message: It’s time for human-centric cybersecurity

Data security is a never-ending challenge. On one hand, organizations are required to keep up with regulations and protect intellectual property from targeted attacks and accidental exposure. On the other, they must adapt to macro movements, such as the adoption of cloud applications, hybrid cloud environments and BYOD (Bring your own device trends), all of […]

What is Social Engineering?

Security is all about knowing who and what to trust. It is important to know when and when not to take a person at their word. The same is true of online interactions and website usage – you have to trust a website you a using, you have to know is it safe to provide […]

The benefits of a Payment HSM ‘as a service’ model

Financial institutions are embracing and adopting the cloud for core systems and platforms such as banking and payment transactions to enhance competitiveness. An ‘as a service’ model for Payment HSMs allows companies to modernise their IT infrastructure by leveraging a cloud-based architecture which avoids lengthy vendor lock-ins and delivers greater operational efficiencies, but maintaining regulatory […]

Digital payment protection with Thales’ payShield 10K solution

During the National Consumer Protection Week (Sun Mar 6th, 2022 – Sat Mar 12th, 2022), we had a chance to clearly see that the top complaints that people make when it comes to their consumer protection rights are facing with fake debt collections, imposter scammers, identity theft, and telephone/mobile services. On the other side, The […]

Fighting Against Phishing Attacks with Shadow IT Discovery

The world stopped or came to a standstill in 2020, but the one thing that didn’t slow down was phishing attempts on businesses. They continued at high speed into 2021. And in the beginning of this 2022. we are witnessing a total different disaster in Ukraine, with cyber-attacks on a completely different level. Today, phishing […]

DWEM Price Comparison – For Hospitality Industry Professionals

Dynamics of the hospitality industry is constantly changing and new perspective for hotels is arising on how to provide it’s guests a great experience. The tourism sector began to recover from the pandemic, so naturally, businesses in the industry are finding new ways to attract tourists in order to compensate their losses. Since for any […]

Cybersecurity – Critical for all Organizations

Recently A1 Hrvatska suffered data breach after hacker attack. It impacted around 10% of its customers, roughly 200,000 people. Threat actors had access to sensitive personal information of the customers, including names, personal identification numbers, physical addresses, and telephone numbers. Threat actors did not access online accounts and financial information was not exposed. At this […]

What is Cloud Operating Model

The Cloud Operating Model is a high-level representation of how an organization will deliver on its Cloud Strategy. It is a blueprint for organizing effectively to deliver the capabilities and outcomes required to deliver value through cloud services. Once the Cloud Strategy has been defined, ratified, and communicated, the Cloud Operating Model defines the operational […]

Planet over profit – using data to embrace the triple bottom line (with Exasol)

Business has the great impact on the environment and many organizations are still putting profits over the planet. Governments must continue to focus on climate change policy, and business – while taking profits into account – must become more accountable. Which is why the ‘triple bottom line’ is crucial. The triple bottom line Today progressive companies […]

Security Automation – Changing IT Security Landscape (With Qualys)

Overall cybersecurity attacks are increasing multiple ways. And the only way you can really address this situation is through technology and automation. Security has always been challenging but add to that the fact that we have a serious shortage overall in the market of qualified people. And infrastructure continues to evolve rapidly. The only way we’re […]

What is IT Asset Management?

IT asset management is the process of ensuring an organization’s assets are accounted for, deployed, maintained, upgraded, and disposed of when the time comes. It’s making sure that the valuable items in your organization are tracked and being used. So, what’s an IT asset? Defined simply, an IT asset includes hardware, software systems, or information […]

Five reasons why MNOs play a central role in the drone ecosystem

Did you know that the commercial drone market is one of the fastest and most innovative sectors of the IoT? Commercial drones have now become a vibrant, emerging industry, which has the potential to cater to a whole spectrum of commercial needs. According to Drone Industry Insights, the drone market reached a total value of […]

Five James Bond gadgets which use real world technologies (Thales Solutions)

As much as James Bond is known for his licence to kill and his insatiable love of Martinis (shaken, not stirred, of course), a large part of 007’s film legacy is the wide spectrum of gadgets he uses to vanquish his dastardly foes. From the extravagant, like the jetpack used in Thunderball, to the slightly […]

In the Darkest Corner of Shadow IT is Privacy (With Scirge)

When it comes to shadow IT and security, we pointed out the oversight and challenges of password protection and employee-created accounts many times before. But our partner Scirge, with the release of the solution – Scirge 3.1, this was taken to the next level, improving the efficiency of detection capabilities while simultaneously protecting employee privacy. […]

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year

We wish all our employees and business partners a Merry Christmas and a happy and successful 2022. Thank you for all the successes and achievements in 2021. We are looking forward to the new experiences!

5 ways data can help save the planet (with Exasol)

If COP26 has shown us anything it’s that the world’s governments, businesses and institutions are coming together to take action. Yes, the negotiations were flawed. But the conversation has changed and we can expect a renewed energy to fight climate change and build a world that will provide for generations to come. But change needs direction. It needs […]

Challenges Facing Financial Institutions (with Entrust)

As more businesses digitally transform, cybersecurity has become more important than ever. For banks, this threat is particularly imposing, as breached data exposes opportunity for immediate and future theft. Rapid adoption of the Cloud, the increasing connectivity of IoT devices and the exponential growth of data collection means a bigger threat to companies and people. […]

The future of work: How IT must adapt to the emerging hybrid workplace

Companies that have embraced the hybrid workplace are looking for less office space and more flexible facilities to accommodate the variable number of employees who come in. User support and front-office technologies will require a rethink as distributed digital work becomes the new reality. The pandemic accelerated workplace transformation efforts as overnight, people shifted from […]

Online shopping this holiday season? Secure your transactions with the four tips, with Entrust

Looking to do some online shopping this holiday season? Odds are the answer is yes. In fact, 99% of consumers plan to do at least some of their shopping online. But, before you click “pay”, are you thinking about how to protect yourself from hackers, scammers and thieves? This time of year, these cyber criminals […]

Digital signatures done the easy way, with Entrust

Electronic signatures have become increasingly strategic as a key element of digitalization. They help save money, reduce the need for physical meetings, and reduce paper usage in daily transactions carried out between citizens, consumers, employees, companies, and administrations. The following regulations have already established a common legal framework for the use of electronic signatures that […]

Qualified Signature Creation Devices (QSCD) under eIDAS and Signature Activation Module (SAM)

The significant increase in remote business is opening the way for digital signatures in lieu of wet-ink signatures: no more face-to-face required, no more “print, sign, scan and email”, shorter execution times and reduced operational costs. However, the implementation of a scalable and compliant signing service requires specific expertise and purpose-built engines. For that reason, […]

Why Use the Vault Agent for Secrets Management? HashiCorp’s Vault Agent can help you achieve zero trust security in a simple manner, consistently across all application teams

Users often have security challenges with adopting dynamic cloud-based infrastructures. These challenges are primarily around ensuring a zero trust approach that prevents secrets sprawl, secures against data breaches, ensures compliance, and scales in an ephemeral, distributed multi-cloud environment. HashiCorp Vault allows them to do all of these things by providing a central, secure place to store and manage the secrets (API […]

Breakfast with Thales (November 8th 2021, Hotel Hilton) Start building strong security foundations based on encryption and authentication!

We are glad to invite you to a friendly get-together with Thales. In a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, we will introduce you to our new products – Payshield 10K, designed to protect and provide secure access to the most sensitive information and software; and CipherTrust Data platform, an integrated suite of data-driven security products and […]

Digital ID in the Internet of Things

Digital identities, in the age of hyper-distributed IT, are increasingly gaining importance. Secure authentication of devices, communications and data is now necessary, with everyone working from home and becoming increasingly reliant on connected devices, often with only basic levels of encryption. We all feel the need for improved digital identity policies. IoT and the need […]

Three ideas to simplify your IT now

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and a good time to batten down your online accounts. The annual campaign aims to raise awareness about cyber security best practices and stress the collective effort needed to prevent cyber intrusions and scams. This topic is important, because this year, life happens online. The internet really came through this year. With the help of […]

About Machine Identities

What is the distinction between human identities and machine identities? Enterprise IT teams and cybersecurity leaders are entirely confident they can prevent data breaches based on human identities, user access credentials based on usernames and passwords. This confidence, however, drops when it comes to machine identities. Think about the number of devices around you right now. […]

What Is Digital ID? Why is digital identity important?

The last three decades have seen the steady transformation of the way we live and work from an analogue world to a digital one. More and more, the services that we rely on are provided in a completely digital form, making the multiple digital identities which we use to access them as important to protect as our […]

ALFATEC Group at ASDA (Split, Croatia)

ASDA – Adriatic Sea Defense & Aerospace (September 29th – October 1st) The International Exhibition of Weapons and Military Equipment Manufacturers is being held for the sixth time in Split, under the auspices of the Government of the Republic of Croatia and with the support of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia. ASDA […]

5 Reasons You Should Never Reuse Passwords

Password reuse is highly insecure but, unfortunately, very common. The habit of reusing the same password for multiple websites and accounts – social media marketing, financial logs etc. – is one fraught with risk. Even so, most of us have so many accounts to keep track of, it can be hard to resist the urge […]

What is SAP Upscale Commerce?

SAP® Upscale Commerce je moderno komercijalno SaaS (software-as-a-service) rješenje koje pomaže srednjem tržištu da brendovi usmjereni direktno na kupce brzo kreiraju integrirano digitalno iskustvo trgovine. Odgovorite na promjenjive potrebe današnjeg potrošača tako da proces kupovine učinite lakšim i pouzdanijim. Dođite do kupca u trgovini ili kroz digitalne kanale, uključujući one mobilne i društvene. Skrojite ponude […]

The 5 Marks Of A Hybrid Cloud Operating Model

Learn the 5 characteristics to measure your journey towards a hybrid cloud operating model. Goals over technology The first mark in a hybrid cloud operating model that you have to consider when you’re going through this journey is goals over technology. A lot of times what ends up happening is we focus on the technology that […]

What is a Multi-cloud Environment?

Multi-cloud Infrastructures are the New Standard for Enterprise IT. The term Multi-cloud refers to the use of multiple cloud services within the same enterprise architecture. A multi-cloud environment can encompass any number of infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS), and software (SaaS) services from different vendors. There are several benefits to employing a multi-cloud approach to IT. The organization […]

ALFATEC Group – Announcing our new Office Opening in Zadar

Our company is proud to announce that it is increasing its footprint by opening another office location in Zadar. The new offices are located in a modern business building, and our employees were very involved in furnishing the office space. As a result, we got a stimulating environment that meets all the technical needs and conditions […]

Development of CSTI platform for retrieval and analysis of structured and unstructured data

The project is co-financed by EU funds from the European Regional Development Fund through OP Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020 within the Call for Proposals: development of the products and services arising from research and development activities – Phase II, Call Reference KK.         Project name: Development of CSTI platform for retrieval and […]

More Organizations adopt multi-cloud, COVID-19 helps in acceleration

During this COVID phase, many organizations have realized the importance multi-cloud infrastructure. They know that surviving in the pandemic with limited funds is not easy and the only smart move is cloud migration, as it is cost effective, flexible and easily adaptable. With the cloud collaborative applications, individuals associated with organization can effortlessly work remotely. The work culture has absolutely transformed due to the global crisis […]

Crypto Agility

Crypto-agility, or cryptographic agility, is the capacity for an information security system to adopt an alternative to the original encryption method or cryptographic primitive without significant change to system infrastructure.  Crypto-agility may be achieved through the adoption of new frameworks for incident response and application development, as well as the acquisition of a service software […]

Why is Zero Trust important?

As companies move to the cloud, the measures they took to secure their private datacenters start to disappear. IP-based perimeters and access are replaced by ephemeral IP addresses and a constantly changing workforce with the need to access shared resources. Managing access and IPs at scale becomes brittle and complex. Securing infrastructure, data, and access […]

Cloud Security Trends Versus Reality (with Scirge)

Verizon recently released its 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report, with a clear indication that credentials are still a top attack vector and a primary target for hackers. Similarly, phishing—despite decades of experience and machine-learning-based innovation into email filtering—is still present as the number one crime action, according to the FBI. With this startling fact in […]

What Does the Proliferation of Cryptography Mean for IT Security, Risk, and Compliance Teams?

Organizations often limit the scope of cryptographical visibility to the network cypher suites and certificates used by their public-facing web services. This approach misses core cryptographic components that are used to maintain trust and protect critical information end-to-end, from the end-points to backend or private cloud infrastructure. Unmanaged cryptography usually includes hardcoded Private Keys, unmanaged […]

In a Post-Pandemic World, Youth Take Center Stage and Lead (The Story from SAP)

There are infinite possibilities to change the world. To put a number to it, consider that there are 1.2 billion people in the age group of 15-24 across the world — that is 1.2 billion possibilities for change! The number represents young leaders who are courageous, curious, creative, flexible, open-minded, and, most importantly, doers. Some […]

93% of IT Decision Makers Agree Embracing Data Storytelling is the Secret to Boosting Revenue

Most Organizations (82%) Still Rely Solely on Dashboards But 92% Agree Data Storytelling is Essential for Communicating Insights Effectively Exasol, the high-performance analytics database, today announced new findings from an independent survey that reveals modern organizations should be using data storytelling to drive revenue.  It is also a crucial skill for scaling data democratization and […]

Covid-19 health passes can open the door to a digital ID revolution

Providing trusted proof that the holder has had either a vaccination or a negative PCR test, will enable the safe resumption of hugely important business sectors such as hospitality, events and domestic and international travel & tourism, and a return to every-day normal life. Several bodies, including the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), the WHO […]

Smartcard Test Tools for Cards, Mobile and other Payment form factors (with Barnes International)

Barnes International’s Smart Card Testing & Analysis Tools are all ISO, EMV and GSM accredited and are used worldwide by leading card and ticket developers, manufacturers, personalizers and issuers. They provide a suite of highly flexible software and hardware test tools and partners with SafeNet ProtectServer for secure testing their EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) […]

ALFATEC Group is proud to announce partnership with Exasol

ALFATEC Group is very pleased to announce partnership with Exasol. There are many synergies between two companies, principally the desire to bring more value to the customers. Offering flexible deployment options, this powerful new solution ensures that sensitive data is always protected no matter where it resides – on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid infrastructure. […]

Secure Browsing for the Enterprise (Scirge has the Solution)

Secure browsing is often defined by crucial requirements like protecting one’s privacy, browsing history, and PII. It involves protection from malicious URLs that may steal such personal data or install malware on your endpoint. Enterprises address these concerns by utilizing a large variety of controls. Endpoints may run a host of malware detection software, data […]

What is Endpoint Security

A definition of Endpoint Security Endpoint security is the process of securing the various endpoints on a network, often defined as end-user devices such as mobile devices, laptops, and desktop PCs, although hardware such as servers in a data center are also considered endpoints. Precise definitions vary among thought leaders in the security space, but […]

2021 Data Threat Research from Thales

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an immediate and dramatic impact on IT teams around the globe, and its long-term effects are still evolving. The 2021 Thales Data Threat Report study looked at various aspects of those impacts in a wide-ranging survey of security professionals and executive leadership that touched on issues ranging from COVID-19 and […]

Double Key Encryption

Does anyone remember double albums aka double LPs? I’m talking vinyl records of course, before CDs changed the industry and with it the maximum duration of material that could be packaged into a single disc. If a band had more than 40 minutes of material available, the only options were to cut some tracks or […]

Bringing Trust to a 5G World (With Thales)

It might be happening a bit slower than people expected, but the advent of 5G is just over the horizon. As leading network providers gear up to deploy their 5G offerings, the benefits of 5G for individuals and businesses are also getting closer. What is 5G? 5G is the fifth generation of mobile wireless communications […]

ALFATEC Group received the Certificate of Platinum Business Excellence AAA for the second year in a row (year 2020)

In Croatia, in a year 2020. only 0.78% out of all 255,471 registered business entities reached the standard of platinum creditworthiness excellence, according to Bisnode credit rating agency (Dun & Bradstreet). With this credit rating, ALFATEC Group is listed among the best companies in Croatia that achieve the highest business standards and which have proven […]

Securing 10 million personalized promotions (Vietnamese consumer retail app provider VinID uses HashiCorp Vault to automate secrets management and reduce time required to protect sensitive data by 90%)

VinID is the country’s largest loyalty and customer engagement platform. The company serves nearly 7 million members with a comprehensive online ecosystem that connects everyday customers with thousands of discount codes from reputable and familiar brands through multi-channel merchandising and integrated pay-on-app via e-wallet. The platform is not just a hub for supporting daily shopping […]

WhatsApp Vulnerabilities (Qualys VMDR for Mobile Devices)

With more than two billion users, WhatsApp is very powefull when it comes to apps in general. With this level of success comes increased exposure to those who would do WhatsApp users harm. But of course, no app is immune to security vulnerabilities; they are a fact of technological life. WhatsApp has recently fixed critical and […]

Presenting 2021 Global Encryption Trends Study (Entrust)

For decades, enterprise data encryption and effective key management were something most enterprises wanted to do but couldn’t — if they tried to do it at all. Only the largest of enterprises with the most mature security teams even attempted it. Fortunately, that’s now starting to change for the better. But this progress comes at […]

The Top 3 Problems Cloud-first Organizations Face Every Day When Using SaaS Software

In recent years, businesses have begun to adopt a cloud-first approach with increasing frequency when it comes to IT technologies. The major driving forces behind this change are the ease of use, availability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of this approach. The vast amount of cloud services out there are required to introduce different categories to allow […]

An innovative solutions to take people’s temperatures in public spaces

Detecting a person with a high temperature who could be carrying Covid-19 isn’t as easy as it may seem, especially in a crowd. Yet that’s what public health authorities want to do in countries around the world. A quick and reliable solution may well come from Scotland, where Thales is testing a system combining thermal […]

Trust Nothing. Authenticate and Authorize Everything. (Zero Trust with HashiCorp)

The Zero Trust Network, or Zero Trust Architecture, model was created in 2010 by John Kindervag, who at the time was a principal analyst at Forrester Research Inc. Eleven years later corporate executives are increasingly implementing Zero Trust as the technologies that support it move into the mainstream – the pressure to protect enterprise systems and data […]

Remote working as a business strategy

The idea of remote work becoming more commonplace was raising before COVID-19. The pandemic has accelerated it, as former office workers have had to acclimate to making their home offices (or their couches, bedrooms) their primary workplaces. But making remote work the norm for a significant percentage of workers requires more than a good videoconferencing […]

Top 5 reasons to add an nShield HSM

1.Vi ste odgovorni za podatke svojih klijenata Model podijeljene odgovornosti pokazuje da, bez obzira na to na koji način se pruža usluga u oblaku, podaci su uvijek odgovornost klijenta. 2.Povrede podataka sve su češće Prijavljeni broj izloženih datoteka s podacima kupaca koji sadrže osobne identifikacijske informacije (PII) značajno je narastao s 197.6 milijuna na 446.5 […]

Risk Management Strategies for Digital Processes with HSMs

The rise of e-commerce enabled corporate organizations and banks to more easily expand their businesses and services around the world. Online services, like e-banking, raise the need for encryption, decryption and strong authentication between identities and applications. For these purposes, enterprises deploy HSMs for the protection of clients and business transactions. And it’s not just the […]

Save the Date: Managing Secrets Sprawl – 3 Reasons Why You Need a Root of Trust Webinar (Thursday 25th March | 14:00 – 15:00 CET)

As organizations migrate to the cloud to manage workloads in a more flexible and cost-effective manner, the number of passwords, PINs, keys, tokens, and other secrets used to access application platforms and data is increasing exponentially. Maintaining centralized repositories of secrets enables organizations to apply consistent protection policies that strengthen security and facilitate auditing and […]

Prevent Ransomware Attacks from Disrupting Your Business (CipherTrust Data Security Platform Solution)

Ransomware is a vicious type of malware that cybercriminals use to block companies and individuals from accessing their business critical files, databases, or entire computer systems, until the victim pays a ransom. It is a form of cyber extortion. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that a business will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds, […]

Shadow IT: What It Is And Why It Is An Alarming Security Concern For Every Organization (Webinar with Scirge and ALFATEC Group)

This is a live, free webinar to get introduced  how Shadow IT is affecting your organization, and how Scirge can help you mitigate those risks. Meet us at webinar this Thursday (11.3.), where we will be presenting some of the very cool new features that we are working on! Link to webinar ––shedding-light-on-shadow-it-1462460770#/home/register?source=alftc&talkId=6011000000025167   […]

The Challenge of SAAS Management (Meet Scirge, Your Online Business Web App Account Officer)

Do you have control over unmanaged web accounts? Do you know where employees register with corporate emails? Do you have the tools to overcome Shadow IT? Do you have an inventory of the web apps used in your company? Do you know what SaaS cloud apps employees have access to? We have answers to all […]

DWEM Data Warehouse Integrades Predictive Analytics

In an unstable economic scenario, the power to predict and forecast demand and consumer behavior is not only important but also necessary. As the industry moves towards warehouse digitalization, collection and analysis of large volumes of data alone can be a lot of work. DWEM Data Warehouse Modeler is an innovative application solution intended for […]

Qualys VMDR – All-in-One Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response (Importance of vulnerability management)

Vulnerability is a security weakness in a computer system that permits unauthorized or unwelcome access. For example, an Internet browser could have a vulnerability that crashes the browser or grants someone else access to files on your computer when you visit their site. Whether it is on an operating system, a processor, a server, an application, all companies are exposed to the exploitation of […]

Healthcare Security – Enchance security od medical devices ( Entrust solution)

Medical devices, like other computer systems, can be vulnerable to security breaches, potentially impacting the safety and effectiveness. Increasing connectivity of those devices to computer networks and the convergence of technologies has exposed vulnerable devices and software applications to incidents. The need to protect patient data from cyber-attack is now well understood. However, the potential impact on […]

Centralized digital signature – Signator solution

Digital transformation is becoming more important due to advanced technologies that allow companies to optimize their processes and improve the user experience by digitizing many of their processes. The centralized signature, or cloud signature, is an example of this. In order for the digital signature to be legally valid, it must be previously registered before […]

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption: Quick, effective and transparent protection of data at the system level

The urgent need for data-at-rest encryption continues to grow. Compliance requirements proliferate. Digital transformation expands attack surfaces. And every day we see new internal and external threats to critical IP, PII, customer and citizen information, and more. Within this environment of increased risks to sensitive data, enterprises require the ability to limit access to sensitive […]

HashiCorp and ALFATEC Group announce new partnership: Teamed up to protect all your secrets with Vault

ALFATEC Group is very pleased to announce partnership with HashiCorp. There are many synergies between two companies, principally the desire to bring more value to the customers. Every unstoppable partnership starts off with a strong connection. As we are responsible for understanding customers requirements, connecting with the HashiCorp – the leader in multi-cloud infrastructure automation software, […]

We finished 2020 strong and ready for success in 2021

We all know everything about the year 2020., but this year for ALFATEC Group was also a year of success, inspiration, new challenges and collaboration.  It was a birthday year for us – we quietly celebrated 30 years of a good work. A year fulfilled with commitment and hard work that resulted in starting new, […]

Importance of end-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption is the most secure way to communicate privately and securely online. By encrypting messages at both ends of a conversation, end-to-end encryption prevents anyone in the middle  from reading private communication. When you send and receive an email using a service that does not provide E2EE, such as Gmail, the company can access […]

ALFATEC Group announced the opening of its new office in Zadar

Due to the implementation of plans in the segment of developing software solutions, ALFATEC Group has opened its first business unit in Zadar. The new business unit employs experienced IT experts from the local community who will contribute to the faster development of ALFATEC Group’s software solutions. A complete business cycle of new software development […]

How to remove the paper trail? (Digital signature solutions)

If you are tired of piles of paper, have filing cabinets stuffed with out-dated material or feel like paper is taking over your life, go paper-free or at least, paper-less. The increasingly widespread use of the digital signature relates to the conception of the office as a space without papers. The adoption of the digital […]

Top Reasons for Migrating to the CipherTrust Data Security Platform

We introduced CipherTrust Data Security Platform in order to secure your valuable data assets and enable organizations to securely adopt new technologies and improve the business thrives. The Platform is the next generation of data security, built on a modern micro-services architecture, cloud ready, and fuses the best capabilities from Vormetric and KeySecure. These are […]

ALFATEC Group introduces CipherTrust Data Security Platform

As data breaches continue at alarming rates, securing sensitive data is critical to all organizations. IT security organizations seek a data-centric solution that secures the data as it moves from networks to applications and the cloud. ALFATEC Group found a perfect solution – The CipherTrust Data Security Platform – it integrates data discovery, classification, data […]

ALFATEC Group awarded with Platinum Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence

Potvrda certifikata Platinaste bonitetne izvrsnosti pokazuje natprosječnu kvalitetu poslovanja tvrtke, što znači veću učinkovitost i profitabilnost, kao i manji rizik u poslovanju s tom tvrtkom, radi ostvarene bonitetne izvrsnosti očuvane tijekom pet uzastopnih godina. Takvih tvrtki je u Hrvatskoj tek 0,32%. Ovom kreditnom ocjenom ALFATEC Group smjestio se među najbolje tvrtke koje postižu najviše poslovne […]

High-Trust Remote Digital Signature – Signator

Working remotely is not a new topic unfortunately. Teams and organizations are reinventing themselves in the era of corona-cancellations, forcing their processes to go even more digital and finding alternative solutions to make the most out of their investments. ALFATEC Group, as a provider of a digital signature service – Signator, found a positive outcome […]

Using Intelligent Technologies to Manage Workforce in Midsize Companies

Midsize companies have talent challenges that are similar to their larger competitors – but they don’t have the time, people, and resources to address them as quickly. Yet, as the workforce grows and becomes more dispersed, traditional reliance on disconnected systems of applications, spreadsheets, and manual processes is testing the ability of human resources (HR), […]

Where Do I Sign? (Digital Signing On-Premises)

Digital signatures are crucial to improving all sorts of business process as well as digital identity. They drive security, legal validity, and records management efficiency. Digital signature has 3 important properties: – It proves the owner of the private key has authorised the signature. – The proof is undeniable and can not be repudiated. – […]

Importance of Digital Signature

Today’s fast-moving digital environment enables enterprises to operate more efficiently, gain competitive advantage and serve customers better than ever before. Digital signatures provide technical advantages over traditional contract-signing methods and are fully enforceable in court. Digital signatures, like handwritten signatures, are unique to each signer. When you, the server, digitally sign a document, you add a […]

CipherTrust Data Security Platform

For many businesses, a data breach can be a disaster. The compromising of secure customer information and internal business data such as inventory lists, transaction history, and other privileged information no business wants to experience. As new technologies such as 5G and broader IoT capabilities come to light, concerns about how this will further enable […]

Important Things You Should Know About Healthcare IT Security

The COVID19 has created a new reality for the healthcare sector globally testing its limits.  Malicious actors taking advantage of the pandemic have already launched a series of phishing campaigns and ransomware attacks. Health institutions have shifted their focus to their primary role, managing this extraordinary emergency, and placed them in a vulnerable situation. Large […]

Lock down your IoT

IoT is a product or physical device integrated with software and can connect with each other over the internet to exchange information, they help the user for more simple and direct integration of the physical world. IoT devices are quickly becoming features in our homes and businesses, like connected kitchen gadgets, security monitoring systems, and […]

Just a few weeks away from a robust, next-generation e-commerce solution powered by artificial intelligence ALFATEC Group presents – SAP Upscale Commerce Solution

SAP Upscale Commerce is an eCommerce Cloud based next-generation platform powered by artificial intelligence, which can help small and mid-market companies by offering quick, strong and relevant eCommerce experience. COVID-19 global pandemic will likely be one of the defining events of 2020, and it will have implications that last well into the decade. Its influence […]

Tokenization and PCI (Payment Card Industry)

The concept of a token has been used in the digital world for almost 50 years. The reason is to separate and protect real data from breaches. Recently, the concept of tokenization has been used as a security mechanism for protecting sensitive data. Tokenization is an excellent data security strategy that, because it reduces the […]

Multiple approaches to encryption within the payment

End-to-end encryption can help merchants go beyond the current requirements of PCI (Payment Card Industry), solving for many vulnerabilities in the payments processing chain. End-to-end encryption (E2EE) addresses security weaknesses that exist when cardholder data has been captured but not yet authorized, and tokenization addresses security vulnerabilities after a transaction has been authorized. When combined, […]

Digital payment security and encryption

Protecting sensitive data has never been more crucial. The manner of protection often depends on what kind of data you are safeguarding and how important or sensitive it is to you, your organization, or your customers. Secure payment services are an important aspect of online trading. To supply the highest level of security for their customers, merchants […]

Creating a Geo Map in SAP Analytics Cloud (Geospatial Analytics using Maps)

We are surrounded by data. Both governments and private organizations collect and manage volumes of data in a variety of systems within various departments. The ability to access and share actionable data across departments and the enterprise is often difficult. That’s why organizations are increasingly transforming their operations by interconnecting and integrating their departmental information […]

About containerized applications

Application containerization is a relatively new methodology in the world of IT.This innovation allows developers to deploy increasing numbers of application instances at a relatively low cost compared to purchasing new hardware. It is a rapidly developing technology that is changing the way developers test and run application instances in the cloud. Adoption of application containers […]

SAP Analytics Cloud – Connection Types

One of the most important topics in SAP analytics Cloud is understanding different connection type options. There are two main connection types in SAP Analytics Cloud: Live and Imported. Live connection – As the name suggests, this connection refers to a real-time connection to a system. At this point, data is obtained directly from the system […]

Protect the Key or don’t bother encrypting your data

In cryptography, a key is a string of characters used within an encryption algorithm for altering data so that it appears random. Like a physical key, it locks (encrypts) data so that only someone with the right key can unlock (decrypt) it. Encryption is the process of converting plaintext to ciphertext. In simpler terms, encryption […]

World’s Largest Survey of BI and Analytics Users Shows Top Rankings for SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud  earns top rankings in the Business Application Research Center’s (BARC) The Planning Survey 20. The market for planning products is highly competitive. The Planning Survey 20 reveals the strengths and challenges of many of the leading vendors in the space as well as a number of smaller vendors — some regional and […]

Using encryption to protect organizations from attacks and breaches

With digital security threats on the rise as the world fights with COVID-19, encryption is more important than ever. It secures data and helps secure our work from home, protects the integrity of critical public health information, and keeps our communications with friends and family confidential. Data security refers to measures taken to prevent unauthorized […]

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 Released!

SAP BusinessObjects is a business intelligence solution designed for companies of all sizes. The product is available both in cloud-based and on-premise deployment options and caters to multiple industry segments, such as government, manufacturing and distribution, financial services and nonprofits. SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 will also feature tighter integration between BusinessObjects BI and SAP Analytics Cloud. […]

Why deploy HSMs?

Today, the security needs of companies require that they have a high level of protection, particularly when it comes to data. It seems to be obvious that cryptographic operations must be performed in a trusted environment. In industries like the payment industry where you handle card data, data has to be encrypted in order to comply with […]

SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

In today’s global and highly competitive business environment, enterprises can not hope to compete and grow without proper planning. It helps analysing strengths and weaknesses, makes think about the goals and helps to develop the right strategies in order to achieve those goals. A good thinking process should lead to good business planning where sensible […]

Encryption use in the cloud and IoT

Many organizations are adopting new digital initiatives, IoT and cloud, but are also embracing encryption to protect their applications and sensitive information. A successful strategy discovers where is the most sensitive data in the organization and develops a secure cloud storage system for it. Organizations are putting more sensitive data in the cloud. According to […]

DWEM Opinion for in-stay and post-stay surveys

Managing guest data gives the hotelier the ability to understand their guests needs even before they check-in and can create personalized marketing and experiences during stay and throughout the lifecycle of the customer. When looking at your Hotel’s main objectives to drive profit, increase guest satisfaction, and earn guest loyalty, identifying your most valuable guests […]

About Blockchain

Digital environments allow us to explore and develop new services and products to meet changing user needs to match way they live, work and use technology. Also, fast changing digital environment gives customer competitive advantage and improves effectiveness and operational efficiency of an enterprise ensuring the high quality of its products, service and support. But […]

Marketing strategy for hotels in COVID-19 year

Covid-19, carrying the status of a pandemic, has led to a worldwide crisis with its effects on the hospitality and other industries. This crisis has tendention to be even heavier than the financial crisis in 2008, but maybe shorter in duration. Hotels, private accommodation, supply chains, travel markets and restaurants are experiencing dramatic economic disruption. […]

Encryption and protection of customers’ personal information

For the first time ever, results show encryption is being used to protect personal customer data rather than to just meet compliance mandates. Ponemon Institute and nCipher presented the findings of the 2020 Global Encryption Trends in their comprehensive study. They surveyed 6,457 individuals across multiple industry sectors in 17 countries – Australia, Brazil, France, […]

Webinar: Best practices in implementing application security into modern development practices

We will discuss best practices and solutions that enable companies to integrate quality and application security practices and ensure secure web apps, mobile apps, and APIs. The webinar will be held on April 29th, 2020, at 15.30. Expected duration is 30 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A. The Webinar agenda: 1. Introduction ( Azur Šaćiragić, ALFATEC […]

nChipher Security and ALFATEC Group – Success through exclusive distribution

ALFATEC Group is delighted to continue it’s long and successful collaboration with a leading provider of encryption and key management solutions to public and private enterprises and institutions – nCipher Security. This enables valuable technical and business relationships and benefits for both of the companies and ultimately to mutual customers. It is made for solution […]

Geographical COVID-19 overview expansion in Croatia using SAP Analytics Cloud

Three things are very important to the remote employees right now – a dedicated workspace, the right technology, and a clear definition of success. SAP Analytics Cloud really is that right technology that offers solutions able to solve certain problems and certainly will suit your business. What are they?  The advanced technology allows you to […]

Online Workshop – The Future of Database Analysis by using In-Memory technology

These days, we are all facing one of the world’s biggest health and business crises, which will affect and change business as we know. In future planning, business decision-making and managing companies will rely on big data sources and with the need to process more data. The need for predictive analytics and data sciences will […]

Covid–19 Statement

Dear valued customers and partners, We are working normally, as we have successfully adopted our daily work to these uncertain times as the world navigates this COVID-19 pandemic. ALFATEC Group is fully committed to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, customers and partners. This is our top priority in order to maintain […]

Free online education: Visualization of COVID-19 data with SAP Analytics Cloud

Live Demo: SAP Analytics Cloud SAP Analytics Cloud is a simple but powerful cloud solution connecting people, information, and ideas to enable fast and confident decision making. It enables interactive data visualization and improved business intelligence. In order for you to discover potential, functionalities and value of this cloud analytics technology for self-service BI, we […]

Start with the basics of Security foundation: Encryption and Authentication

Introducing THALES payshield 10K   Thales and ALFATEC Group introduced the new product designed to protect and secure access to most sensitive information and software – THALES payshield 10K. The first official presentation took place in Hotel Hilton, on March 5th. PayShield 10K is a next-generation payment hardware security module (HSM), enabling customers to adopt […]

DWEM Hospitality on ITB Berlin 2020

The World’s Leading Travel Trade – ITB Berlin (4 – 8 March 2020) is a global marketplace networking and meeting place, trend barometer, knowledge platform and think tank all in one location. Countries, cities, tour operators, online booking portals, hotels, IT businesses and many others have the opportunity to present their best products and services […]

ALFATEC Group continues to successfully promote software solution DWEM Hospitality; this time on one of the most important travel and tourism expo in the Europe – WTM London 2019

As a participant of this year’s travel and tourism show, World Trade Market in London, ALFATEC Group continued with promotion of in-house solution – DWEM Hospitality – with the amazing opportunity to introduce it in front of more than 70 000 visitors from all of the world. The attention that travel shows like WTM London […]

ALFATEC Group introduced DWEM Hospitality solution to Italian market for the first time at TTG Travel Experience

ALFATEC’s appearance at this year’s TTG Travel Experience fair was a great opportunity to present our Big Data solution for hospitality industry – DWEM Hospitality –  to hotels and partners from Italy and other European countries. The expressed interest of potential customers, as well as the interests for partnerships give us the right to believe […]

ALFATEC Group participated at Thales’ CEE Partner Forum.

Last week, Thales held its CEE Partner Forum in Hungary. For the first time, Forum gathered legacy Thales distributor (ALFATEC Group) and legacy Gemalto distributors and partners. On the two days event, Thales announced its ‘new’ portfolio (Thales + Gemalto) and the products roadmap. With this new portfolio Thales becomes a lider in digital security […]

ALFATEC Group participated at the Adriatic Sea Defense & Aerospace (ASDA) conference

Last week, ASDA conference took place in Split. The main focus of the international conference was homeland & cyber security. ALFATEC Group exhibited solutions for drone detection and jamming, communication equipment, open source & cyber intelligence solution and other systems relevant for the conference. Exposed solutions have caused great interest of visitors.

Thales completes aquisition of Gemalto

With acquisition of Gemalto, Thales has become a global leader in digital security. Significant market opportunities that come from the combination of the Thales eSecurity and Gemalto portfolios are: Global leadership in general purpose, payment and cloud-based hardware security modules Global leadership in data encryption and key management Global leadership in encryption for high-speed networks […]

ALFATEC Group shared a Success Story at the Ascertia’s Partner Event

ALFATEC Group at „ASCERTIA Partner Event London“ shared a Success Story from a project for implementation of a PKI system for issuing of eIDAS compliant qualified certificates and timestamps for our client from banking sector. We’re happy that the collaboration with one of the global leaders in e-security has been further improved, so we are […]

New version of Certified Database Platform V4.10

We are glad to inform you that we have new version of Certified Database Platform – V4.10 which incorporate new version of Informix V14.10. with following enhancements: Enhances performance of secondary backups and OLTP transactions Provides higher security for encryption keys and Transport Layer Security (TLS) Enhances usability, streamlines administration, and increases uptime Provides new […]

ALFATEC Group has attended SAP Partner kick-off meeting!

ALFATEC Group has attended SAP Partner kick-off meeting. It was a good way to meet, discuss and hear what’s new in SAP ecosystem. The main SAP’s focus is cloud!

ALFATEC Group participated nCipher’s EMEA partner Conference.

After acquisition, nCipher Security vision is crystal clear. With more focus on business development and improvements of its HSM product portfolio.

Entrust Datacard acquired nCipher Security from Thales e-Security

Entrust Datacard acquired Thales’s market-leading General Purpose Hardware Security Module business (HSM) – nCipher Security. This might be a good move for nCipher Security to bring even better focus on its product portfolio. This acquisition would probably cause more mergers and acquisitions to come by the end of this year. More information

PostgreSQL is the DBMS of the Year 2018!

PostgreSQL is the DBMS of the Year 2018! ALFATEC Group has a team of people dedicated for any kind of PostgreSQL technical support. For any further inquiry, please contact us.

Hotel Dubrovnik starts using DWEM Hospitality

Hotel Dubrovnik has become the latest user of the DWEM Hospitality service, activating DWEM Online Reputation Management and DWEM Opinion. We would like to thank Hotel Dubrovnik, which this month has become the latest user of our DWEM Hospitality service, activating the two modules DWEM Online Reputation Management and DWEM Opinion.  The first module tracks […]

ALFATEC Group supports the humanitarian initiative Korak u život (Step into Life)

This year, ALFATEC Group has donated funds to a humanitarian project dedicated to helping young adults without families who are leaving homes and foster families throughout Croatia. The immediate objective of the initiative is to quickly improve their living conditions and offer them a better future.  The project has been running for ten years and […]

Transaction protection for card payments

How can you protect payment transactions and all the other data within your environment as well as  what you have stored in the cloud?  ALFATEC Group d.o.o., as Thales eSecurity’s partner and regional distributor, offers the leading solutions in the domain of data protection. Ensuring the safety of sensitive card data in an efficient way […]

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