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Important Things You Should Know About Healthcare IT Security

The COVID19 has created a new reality for the healthcare sector globally testing its limits.  Malicious actors taking advantage of the pandemic have already launched a series of phishing campaigns and ransomware attacks. Health institutions have shifted their focus to their primary role, managing this extraordinary emergency, and placed them in a vulnerable situation. Large […]

Lock down your IoT

IoT is a product or physical device integrated with software and can connect with each other over the internet to exchange information, they help the user for more simple and direct integration of the physical world. IoT devices are quickly becoming features in our homes and businesses, like connected kitchen gadgets, security monitoring systems, and […]

Just a few weeks away from a robust, next-generation e-commerce solution powered by artificial intelligence ALFATEC Group presents – SAP Upscale Commerce Solution

SAP Upscale Commerce is an eCommerce Cloud based next-generation platform powered by artificial intelligence, which can help small and mid-market companies by offering quick, strong and relevant eCommerce experience. COVID-19 global pandemic will likely be one of the defining events of 2020, and it will have implications that last well into the decade. Its influence […]

Tokenization and PCI (Payment Card Industry)

The concept of a token has been used in the digital world for almost 50 years. The reason is to separate and protect real data from breaches. Recently, the concept of tokenization has been used as a security mechanism for protecting sensitive data. Tokenization is an excellent data security strategy that, because it reduces the […]

Multiple approaches to encryption within the payment

End-to-end encryption can help merchants go beyond the current requirements of PCI (Payment Card Industry), solving for many vulnerabilities in the payments processing chain. End-to-end encryption (E2EE) addresses security weaknesses that exist when cardholder data has been captured but not yet authorized, and tokenization addresses security vulnerabilities after a transaction has been authorized. When combined, […]

Digital payment security and encryption

Protecting sensitive data has never been more crucial. The manner of protection often depends on what kind of data you are safeguarding and how important or sensitive it is to you, your organization, or your customers. Secure payment services are an important aspect of online trading. To supply the highest level of security for their customers, merchants […]

Creating a Geo Map in SAP Analytics Cloud (Geospatial Analytics using Maps)

We are surrounded by data. Both governments and private organizations collect and manage volumes of data in a variety of systems within various departments. The ability to access and share actionable data across departments and the enterprise is often difficult. That’s why organizations are increasingly transforming their operations by interconnecting and integrating their departmental information […]

About containerized applications

Application containerization is a relatively new methodology in the world of IT.This innovation allows developers to deploy increasing numbers of application instances at a relatively low cost compared to purchasing new hardware. It is a rapidly developing technology that is changing the way developers test and run application instances in the cloud. Adoption of application containers […]

SAP Analytics Cloud – Connection Types

One of the most important topics in SAP analytics Cloud is understanding different connection type options. There are two main connection types in SAP Analytics Cloud: Live and Imported. Live connection – As the name suggests, this connection refers to a real-time connection to a system. At this point, data is obtained directly from the system […]

Protect the Key or don’t bother encrypting your data

In cryptography, a key is a string of characters used within an encryption algorithm for altering data so that it appears random. Like a physical key, it locks (encrypts) data so that only someone with the right key can unlock (decrypt) it. Encryption is the process of converting plaintext to ciphertext. In simpler terms, encryption […]

World’s Largest Survey of BI and Analytics Users Shows Top Rankings for SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud  earns top rankings in the Business Application Research Center’s (BARC) The Planning Survey 20. The market for planning products is highly competitive. The Planning Survey 20 reveals the strengths and challenges of many of the leading vendors in the space as well as a number of smaller vendors — some regional and […]

Using encryption to protect organizations from attacks and breaches

With digital security threats on the rise as the world fights with COVID-19, encryption is more important than ever. It secures data and helps secure our work from home, protects the integrity of critical public health information, and keeps our communications with friends and family confidential. Data security refers to measures taken to prevent unauthorized […]

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 Released!

SAP BusinessObjects is a business intelligence solution designed for companies of all sizes. The product is available both in cloud-based and on-premise deployment options and caters to multiple industry segments, such as government, manufacturing and distribution, financial services and nonprofits. SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 will also feature tighter integration between BusinessObjects BI and SAP Analytics Cloud. […]

Why deploy HSMs?

Today, the security needs of companies require that they have a high level of protection, particularly when it comes to data. It seems to be obvious that cryptographic operations must be performed in a trusted environment. In industries like the payment industry where you handle card data, data has to be encrypted in order to comply with […]

SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

In today’s global and highly competitive business environment, enterprises can not hope to compete and grow without proper planning. It helps analysing strengths and weaknesses, makes think about the goals and helps to develop the right strategies in order to achieve those goals. A good thinking process should lead to good business planning where sensible […]

Encryption use in the cloud and IoT

Many organizations are adopting new digital initiatives, IoT and cloud, but are also embracing encryption to protect their applications and sensitive information. A successful strategy discovers where is the most sensitive data in the organization and develops a secure cloud storage system for it. Organizations are putting more sensitive data in the cloud. According to […]

DWEM Opinion for in-stay and post-stay surveys

Managing guest data gives the hotelier the ability to understand their guests needs even before they check-in and can create personalized marketing and experiences during stay and throughout the lifecycle of the customer. When looking at your Hotel’s main objectives to drive profit, increase guest satisfaction, and earn guest loyalty, identifying your most valuable guests […]

About Blockchain

Digital environments allow us to explore and develop new services and products to meet changing user needs to match way they live, work and use technology. Also, fast changing digital environment gives customer competitive advantage and improves effectiveness and operational efficiency of an enterprise ensuring the high quality of its products, service and support. But […]

Marketing strategy for hotels in COVID-19 year

Covid-19, carrying the status of a pandemic, has led to a worldwide crisis with its effects on the hospitality and other industries. This crisis has tendention to be even heavier than the financial crisis in 2008, but maybe shorter in duration. Hotels, private accommodation, supply chains, travel markets and restaurants are experiencing dramatic economic disruption. […]

Encryption and protection of customers’ personal information

For the first time ever, results show encryption is being used to protect personal customer data rather than to just meet compliance mandates. Ponemon Institute and nCipher presented the findings of the 2020 Global Encryption Trends in their comprehensive study. They surveyed 6,457 individuals across multiple industry sectors in 17 countries – Australia, Brazil, France, […]

Webinar: Best practices in implementing application security into modern development practices

We will discuss best practices and solutions that enable companies to integrate quality and application security practices and ensure secure web apps, mobile apps, and APIs. The webinar will be held on April 29th, 2020, at 15.30. Expected duration is 30 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A. The Webinar agenda: 1. Introduction ( Azur Šaćiragić, ALFATEC […]

nChipher Security and ALFATEC Group – Success through exclusive distribution

ALFATEC Group is delighted to continue it’s long and successful collaboration with a leading provider of encryption and key management solutions to public and private enterprises and institutions – nCipher Security. This enables valuable technical and business relationships and benefits for both of the companies and ultimately to mutual customers. It is made for solution […]

Geographical COVID-19 overview expansion in Croatia using SAP Analytics Cloud

Three things are very important to the remote employees right now – a dedicated workspace, the right technology, and a clear definition of success. SAP Analytics Cloud really is that right technology that offers solutions able to solve certain problems and certainly will suit your business. What are they?  The advanced technology allows you to […]

Online Workshop – The Future of Database Analysis by using In-Memory technology

These days, we are all facing one of the world’s biggest health and business crises, which will affect and change business as we know. In future planning, business decision-making and managing companies will rely on big data sources and with the need to process more data. The need for predictive analytics and data sciences will […]

Covid–19 Statement

Dear valued customers and partners, We are working normally, as we have successfully adopted our daily work to these uncertain times as the world navigates this COVID-19 pandemic. ALFATEC Group is fully committed to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, customers and partners. This is our top priority in order to maintain […]

Free online education: Visualization of COVID-19 data with SAP Analytics Cloud

Live Demo: SAP Analytics Cloud SAP Analytics Cloud is a simple but powerful cloud solution connecting people, information, and ideas to enable fast and confident decision making. It enables interactive data visualization and improved business intelligence. In order for you to discover potential, functionalities and value of this cloud analytics technology for self-service BI, we […]

Start with the basics of Security foundation: Encryption and Authentication

Introducing THALES payshield 10K   Thales and ALFATEC Group introduced the new product designed to protect and secure access to most sensitive information and software – THALES payshield 10K. The first official presentation took place in Hotel Hilton, on March 5th. PayShield 10K is a next-generation payment hardware security module (HSM), enabling customers to adopt […]

DWEM Hospitality on ITB Berlin 2020

The World’s Leading Travel Trade – ITB Berlin (4 – 8 March 2020) is a global marketplace networking and meeting place, trend barometer, knowledge platform and think tank all in one location. Countries, cities, tour operators, online booking portals, hotels, IT businesses and many others have the opportunity to present their best products and services […]

ALFATEC Group continues to successfully promote software solution DWEM Hospitality; this time on one of the most important travel and tourism expo in the Europe – WTM London 2019

As a participant of this year’s travel and tourism show, World Trade Market in London, ALFATEC Group continued with promotion of in-house solution – DWEM Hospitality – with the amazing opportunity to introduce it in front of more than 70 000 visitors from all of the world. The attention that travel shows like WTM London […]

ALFATEC Group introduced DWEM Hospitality solution to Italian market for the first time at TTG Travel Experience

ALFATEC’s appearance at this year’s TTG Travel Experience fair was a great opportunity to present our Big Data solution for hospitality industry – DWEM Hospitality –  to hotels and partners from Italy and other European countries. The expressed interest of potential customers, as well as the interests for partnerships give us the right to believe […]

ALFATEC Group participated at Thales’ CEE Partner Forum.

Last week, Thales held its CEE Partner Forum in Hungary. For the first time, Forum gathered legacy Thales distributor (ALFATEC Group) and legacy Gemalto distributors and partners. On the two days event, Thales announced its ‘new’ portfolio (Thales + Gemalto) and the products roadmap. With this new portfolio Thales becomes a lider in digital security […]

ALFATEC Group participated at the Adriatic Sea Defense & Aerospace (ASDA) conference

Last week, ASDA conference took place in Split. The main focus of the international conference was homeland & cyber security. ALFATEC Group exhibited solutions for drone detection and jamming, communication equipment, open source & cyber intelligence solution and other systems relevant for the conference. Exposed solutions have caused great interest of visitors.

Thales completes aquisition of Gemalto

With acquisition of Gemalto, Thales has become a global leader in digital security. Significant market opportunities that come from the combination of the Thales eSecurity and Gemalto portfolios are: Global leadership in general purpose, payment and cloud-based hardware security modules Global leadership in data encryption and key management Global leadership in encryption for high-speed networks […]

ALFATEC Group shared a Success Story at the Ascertia’s Partner Event

ALFATEC Group at „ASCERTIA Partner Event London“ shared a Success Story from a project for implementation of a PKI system for issuing of eIDAS compliant qualified certificates and timestamps for our client from banking sector. We’re happy that the collaboration with one of the global leaders in e-security has been further improved, so we are […]

New version of Certified Database Platform V4.10

We are glad to inform you that we have new version of Certified Database Platform – V4.10 which incorporate new version of Informix V14.10. with following enhancements: Enhances performance of secondary backups and OLTP transactions Provides higher security for encryption keys and Transport Layer Security (TLS) Enhances usability, streamlines administration, and increases uptime Provides new […]

ALFATEC Group has attended SAP Partner kick-off meeting!

ALFATEC Group has attended SAP Partner kick-off meeting. It was a good way to meet, discuss and hear what’s new in SAP ecosystem. The main SAP’s focus is cloud!

ALFATEC Group participated nCipher’s EMEA partner Conference.

After acquisition, nCipher Security vision is crystal clear. With more focus on business development and improvements of its HSM product portfolio.

Entrust Datacard acquired nCipher Security from Thales e-Security

Entrust Datacard acquired Thales’s market-leading General Purpose Hardware Security Module business (HSM) – nCipher Security. This might be a good move for nCipher Security to bring even better focus on its product portfolio. This acquisition would probably cause more mergers and acquisitions to come by the end of this year. More information

PostgreSQL is the DBMS of the Year 2018!

PostgreSQL is the DBMS of the Year 2018! ALFATEC Group has a team of people dedicated for any kind of PostgreSQL technical support. For any further inquiry, please contact us.

Hotel Dubrovnik starts using DWEM Hospitality

Hotel Dubrovnik has become the latest user of the DWEM Hospitality service, activating DWEM Online Reputation Management and DWEM Opinion. We would like to thank Hotel Dubrovnik, which this month has become the latest user of our DWEM Hospitality service, activating the two modules DWEM Online Reputation Management and DWEM Opinion.  The first module tracks […]

ALFATEC Group supports the humanitarian initiative Korak u život (Step into Life)

This year, ALFATEC Group has donated funds to a humanitarian project dedicated to helping young adults without families who are leaving homes and foster families throughout Croatia. The immediate objective of the initiative is to quickly improve their living conditions and offer them a better future.  The project has been running for ten years and […]

Transaction protection for card payments

How can you protect payment transactions and all the other data within your environment as well as  what you have stored in the cloud?  ALFATEC Group d.o.o., as Thales eSecurity’s partner and regional distributor, offers the leading solutions in the domain of data protection. Ensuring the safety of sensitive card data in an efficient way […]

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