Products and Solutions

Alfatec products and solutions marry the expertise and experience of our professional team with leading world IT technology.

  • Big Data & Business Analytics
  • Databases
  • IT Security
  • Our in-house DWEM Products
  • Software Development and other solutions
  • Vulnerability Management We offer a security platform with integrated automated solutions and services which will help you to achieve a high level of business security.
  • Two-step Authentication With the growth in users of online services, the need for secure access and identity management is also increasing.
  • Signing Documents Digitally (eIDAS Compliance) An electronic signature, reliable and simple, enables the signing of different formats of documents in a quick and secure way.
  • Robotization of Business Processes Managing productivity and costs is imperative in modern business, and automating business processes is one way to achieve this.
  • PostgreSQL We provide the user with administrative and consultative services and also maintenance relating to working with Postgre SQL database.
  • Planning and Budgeting The planning and budgeting process performs a key role through which a company's business aims are determined.
  • Payment Gateway & 3D Secure Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) is an essential component in processing online payments with credit/debit cards (eCommerce) in real time.
  • Integrated Information System for Professional Associations The Integrated Information system for associations has been developed to meet the need for improvement in the quality of associations' work with the application of contemporary information technologies.
  • Informix education The education programme offers the user basic or advanced level employee education and/or instruction according to specific needs.
  • Informix Database Maintenance The programme to maintain Informix databases performs an upgrade to IBM prepaid and support services
  • Informix Database Administration The administrative programme that provides the user with systemic administration of the Informix system.
  • Financial Consolidation The financial accounting of an organisation which owns multiple companies presupposes the need for financial consolidation as an umbrella structure.
  • EMV Personalization For EMV chip card (single and dual interface/contact and contactless) personalization projects, we offer several solutions.
  • Education All courses we offer are led by qualified instructors with many years of experience in working with student groups.
  • DWEM Price Comparison The Big Data solution for price comparison in all industries
  • DWEM Opinion The on-line solution for survey campaign production and management
  • DWEM Online Reputation Management The Big Data solution for monitoring online reputation in all industries
  • DWEM Hospitality The Big Data platform for the collection, technical manipulation, integration, processing and analysis of structured and non-structured data
  • DWEM Data Warehouse Modeler Innovative Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse solution
  • DWEM Controlling Engine Solutions for advanced calculation and analysis control
  • Data Warehouses/Business Intelligence In an age of rapid change, it is essential to make decisions of major importance on a day-to-day basis.
  • Data Models The data warehouse model represents a way of translating business processes into a data warehouse structure.
  • Data Migration The implementation of a new ERP system, business applications, data consolidation or even transition to a new database present a great challenge to a company.
  • Data Masking Data tokenization is a solution which offers us the possibility of more effective access to a wider range of compliance objectives.
  • Cryptographic Tools We offer a secure environment for all critical processes, production environment protection and key management.
  • Consultancy Services for Informix Databases This programme provides users with our company's consultancy services linked to work with Informix databases.
  • Certified Database Platform Certified Database Platform is a solution with which existing IBM Informix functionality is expanded and processes are simplified.
  • Bespoke Software Development According to your requirements, we are able to offer you all the necessary business and technological expertise and competencies.
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