Consultancy Services for Informix Databases

This programme provides users with our company's consultancy services linked to work with Informix databases.

The Consult programme, a related programme of consultancy services, provides users with our company’s consultancy services linked to work with Informix databases.

It is anticipated that the consultancy programme will be for the most advanced users.  Some typical consultancy activities are:

  • Existing system support analysis, in which Informix products are installed and recommendations given for the procuring of new hardware support
  • Giving recommendations for devising a disaster recovery strategy essential in the case of catastrophic events in the information infrastructure
  • Network traffic analysis according to the Informix system for managing databases and giving recommendations for physical and logical network information and communication infrastructure
  • Analysis of information system security aspects and suggesting solutions for security problems
  • Bulk data or entire database migration
  • Integration of existing systems with new security standards, data protection and data access
  • Connecting with directory system
  • Connecting with cryptographic infrastructure

For more information about consultancy services in the field of Informix databases, please contact us.

Consultancy Services for Informix Databases


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