Data Masking

Data tokenization is a solution which offers us the possibility of more effective access to a wider range of compliance objectives.

Given that IT teams are spending more time and effort in achieving compliance with all increasing security regulations, and budget and human resources do not adequately follow growth, data tokenization is a resource which offers us the possibility of more effective access to a wider range of compliance objectives.  Meanwhile, traditional tokenization tools are not being fully exploited by users themselves because of their cost and complexity.

The Vormetric solution offers a better way.  With dynamic data masking we resolve it with minimal interference on business and administrative load, enabling tokenization of whatever data and removal from revision range or whatever environment subject data should not be present.

The ‘Vaultless Tokenization’ solution supports the generation of random tokens and crypto tokens, enabling fast and straightforward implementation of dynamic data masking in whatever application.  Besides that, using the latest standards based on format preserving encryption and random tokenization techniques, our solution eliminates the need for dedicated databases for safe token storage.  As a result, the solution reduces costs and complexity, improves performance and makes it easy to achieve global scalability and high availability.

Vaultless Tokenization is part of the Vormetric Data Security platform, meaning that you can use a single platform for tokenization, encryption, key management and control of access for privileged users.  This can be implemented on different OS platforms, DB platforms and directly to the files and spreadsheets you want to protect.

With the Vormetric platform you can resolve data protection in diverse environments with one platform, from one supplier, and avoid unwanted added costs and complex support models.

The Vormetric solution can tokenize and dynamically mask sensitive data in accordance with defined policies.
Main features
  • Focused application integration
    RESTful API for adding tokenization and dynamic masking operation at the data generation source
  • Dynamic data masking
    Administrators can establish a policy as a result of which tokenization of a whole field or dynamic masking of part of a field is received
  • Scalability
    The token server works as a virtual device, and server instances may be added and removed so as to adapt to variable demands of the production environment
  • Efficient implementation without added bases to store tokens
    Teams do not have to implement, manage and synchronise data bases for token storage, which enables better performance, easier implementation and more efficient scalability during application in heterogeneous and globally distributed environments
  • Random tokenization
    Possibility to create tokens independent of input data
  • Date tokenization support
    Enables users to tokenize dates in a format recognisable by the application
  • Batch data transformation support
    Offers the ability to mask, tokenize or encrypt sensitive information in databases, so as to quickly tokenize data in existing databases which will be needed with applications which protect sensitive information with specific solutions


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