Data Migration

The implementation of a new ERP system, business applications, data consolidation or even transition to a new database present a great challenge to a company.

To modernize a business and at the same time retain historical data in a new environment or adapt it to a new IT environment is a task which most often demands a good working knowledge of business processes, databases and their structure, writing ETL procedures, different tools and frameworks for data migration and so on.

The phases of the migration process are described in the following diagram:

Our company has developed its own DWEM tool which enables us to perform the entire migration process successfully in any technological environment with maximum control.

Alongside DWEM tools, for migration we use the following technologies:

ALFATEC Group employs top engineers with many years of experience in data migration with different technological platforms, in different IT environments.  Behind us are a host of large and sussessful migration projects in banking, state institutions, airlines, manufacturers, etc.  Therefore, you can deliver your migration project into the hands of our experts with the utmost confidence and knowledge that they will make it a success.

Data Migration


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