Data Warehouses/Business Intelligence

In an age of rapid change, it is essential to make decisions of major importance on a day-to-day basis.

In an age of rapid change, a timely response to every new situation is exceptionally important, whether caused by internal or external factors. Persons in positions of responsibility must make decisions of major importance on a daily basis. To arrive at such decisions, the relevant information is needed –  clear and easily understandable reports, based on analysis of verified and integrated data, which may span a specific time period. It is almost impossible to acquire such data from standard IT systems supporting day-to-day business activities.  The majority of business applications – ERP systems, CRM or specialised applications to support individual business processes – perform their function in the information system of the organisation in a more or less satisfactory manner, but cannot completely meet the needs of different levels of decision-making.

The problem lies in the fact that these application solutions solve problems of tracking individual business processes and therefore are most often primarily oriented towards data entry, while the report and analysis component covers most often measures which only meet the most basic reporting needs. In order to secure business users and company management a constant overview of all key information which their business function demands, in the form of their choice, Data Warehouse and business intelligence systems become indispensible.

Their functions are as follows:

  • The acquisition of data from all necessary data sources
  • The integration of data in one central place – a data warehouse
  • Data analysis from the business user’s perspective
  • Distribution of knowledge gained from the analyses
Data Warehouse and business intelligence system architecture
System Advantages

Some of the advantages of such a system are:

  • timely information enabling quality decision making at any moment
  • integration of all necessary internal and external data sources, such as ERP system, specialised business applications, Excel, unstructured internet data, etc.
  • complete relief of existing systems (ERP systems and other applications) with complex questions from the reporting system
  • quick access to all required information and data
  • autonomy of business users in creating reports, analysis and control panel (dashboard)
  • merging information from different sources in the same report
  • prompt arrival at answers to business questions (ad-hoc analytics)
  • comparison of historical data in time dimension
  • key performance indicator (KPI) tracking
  • predefined reports – completed reports which do not need to be done manually with the application of ˝red flags˝ linked to deviations from the average, plans…
  • data consolidation
  • data quality

ALFATEC Group has been engaged in the building of data warehouses and business intelligence systems since 1999 and pioneered this area of work in Croatia and the Adriatic region. Today we have more than 70 successful projects behind us (and no failures!) in different industries such as banks, telecom systems, pension funds, retail, distribution, hospitality, sales, the tobacco industry, state administration and so on. Our team of experts, the business expertise we possess, the success of our projects and the satisfaction of our customers all justify us in saying that ALFATEC Group is the leading company in Croatia and the Adriatic region in the data warehouse system implementation and business intelligence sector.

Given the many years of experience of our company in implementing data warehouses and business intelligence systems in different industries, we have developed over that time completed data warehouse models that ensure our present and future users implementation consistent with the best industry practice. We pay great attention to the construction of data warehouse models, which is also key to the analytical power of the system – the satisfaction of our users and success of our projects lies in this fact.

Ready-made Data Warehouse Models
  • Industrial Data Warehouse Model
  • Data Warehouse Model for Single Business Unit


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