DWEM Data Warehouse Modeler

Innovative Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse solution

Innovative Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse solution

Što je DWEM Data Warehouse Modeler?

DWEM Data Warehouse Modeler is an innovative application solution intended for the rapid development and implementation of Data Warehouses and analytical systems, developed by our leading business consultants and development engineers. Its strength manifests itself in its number of developmental functionalities, necessary for the production of Data Warehouse data models and automization of the ETL process, as well as the application possibilities and use of the best business and reporting practice for single users or the industry as a whole.
  • DWEM Data Warehouse Modeler
    An application development framework which brings together all development functionality needed for implementation of the DWEM Data Warehouse
  • Data Sources
    Users ERP system, applications, databases, Excel documents, XML files and so on
  • DWEM extractors
    Ready-made ETL procedures and mapping between individual data sources, DWEM data models and DWEM industrial solutions
  • DWEM data models and industrial solutions
    Ready-made, proven best-practice data models for individual business sectors and industries
  • DWEM Data Warehouse
    Robust Data Warehouse built in accordance with DWEM data models and industrial solutions to the user's preferred database
  • Semantic layer
    A layer which gives business users good and advanced data analysis from the DWEM Data Warehouse (if using SAP BusinessObjects technology such as BI technology)
  • Reports, control panels, analytics
    A set of completed reports from single businesses and industry as a whole (if using SAP BusinessObjects technology such as BI technology)
Solution architecture
Ready-made DWEM extractors
At this moment we offer the following ready-made DWEM extractors.
We can develop additional extractors in accordance with users' demands or needs.
  • MS Dynamics NAV ERP
  • ORACLE e-Business Suite
  • Datalab Pantheon
  • SAGE
  • Mobilisis
  • Repsly


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