DWEM Online Reputation Management

The Big Data solution for monitoring online reputation in all industries

The Big Data solution for monitoring online reputation


DWEM Reputation Management has a range of functions essential for hotels to identify immediately any adverse changes in online reputation, as well as a unique communication interface for direct response to guest comments.
  • Big Data platform
    The collection and processing of vast amounts of structured and unstructured data from web sources and internal databases and systems
  • Machine learning
    Recognising text, key words, sentiment and language – the system interface learns from its users
  • Early notifications and alerts
    The system warns users quickly of the appearance of negative comments, a fall in overall rating or similar. The alert appears directly on your system or is sent via e-mail or text message.
  • Customer interaction
    The application interface makes possible a direct reply to client comments on social media, forums, blogs, etc.
  • Employee collaboration
    The potential for direct collaboration among system users within the same application
  • Advanced intuitive analytics
    Advanced intuitive analytics make available a wide spectrum of available information at first sight, so you may get to the causes of potential problems and comprehensively and effortlessly manage your reputation, with the help of a visually rich display with built-in functions.
  • Filtering and drill-down analysis
    Every available piece of information can be studied in detail through the ability to ‘drill-down’ specific information to the level of the individual data source as well as filter information by all available attributes.
  • GIS analysis
    Reputation analytics in integrated, interactive charts with the goal of detailed geographical analyses.
  • Data export
    Data export can be in pdf or MS Excel format.

KPI examples

DWEM Online Reputation Management contains a large number of indicators on the basis of which companies may monitor in detail all the most important information about the state of their reputations in the internet environment. The following are a selection of these:
  • Overall sentiment
    Overall sentiment rating on all online data sources and all time scales
  • An index of sentiment changes
    % change of the overall sentiment ratings through time along with rating fall alerts
  • Sentiment trend
    % growth/fall of positive/negative sentiment in relation to same period considered during previous years
  • Sentiment by source
    Positive and negative sentiment display according to data source
  • Top 10 positive keywords
    The most positive keywords that are related to the company, brand, product, etc.
  • Top 10 negative keywords
    The most negative keywords that are related to the company, brand, product, etc.
  • Most influential comments
    Summary of most influential comments which provoked the most positive or negative reactions
  • Geographical sentiment analysis
    Relation of sentiment by geographic locations
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