DWEM Price Comparison

The Big Data solution for price comparison in all industries

The Big Data solution for price comparison


DWEM Price Comparison is a unique Big Data service, completely adapted to the user's needs, which guarantees your company – regardless of the industry in which it works – price comparison as well as all other attributes related to your products and services, in relation to your direct competitors.

    Unlike other price comparison tools and platforms available on the market, DWEM Price Comparison provides complete personalization and adaptation to client needs, as well as being able to draw on a much larger information set and data source.

    The user is able to decide personally on all the parameters of the service, for example: choosing the web pages (e-commerce platforms) on which the data required may be monitored, choosing the intensity of monitoring changes in data, choosing what information is judged relevant for comparison, choosing report format and appearance, choosing how often reports are received and so on. What is more, the DWEM Price Comparison service is the fruit of the knowledge and innovation of our highly-experienced Business Intelligence and Big Data experts, which guarantees our users answers to all their information and analytical needs.


    Over the desired time period, DWEM Price Comparison, monitors all available information published on the web pages of direct competitors or on the e-commerce platforms. Such data is processed in a Big Data analytical database, structured in a Data Warehouse and the user then receives the structured data in highly informative reports collated for the time period specified and sent to an e-mail or ftp address in the formats of their choice (.xls, .xslx, .csv, .xml, .pdf, etc.)


    An automated service which can be implemented as part of the DWEM Price Comparison service. It ensures that your prices and other important parameters will constantly remain as competitive as possible with the maximum profit margin – thus repecting business pricing policy as well as the creation of offers defined by individual users.


    Generally, prospective buyers use different platforms and methods so as to find the best offer for specific products and services interesting to them. They consider the price of not only products and services but also of other facilities offered as the most important factors in arriving at the decision to make a purchase. For this reason, DWEM Price Comparison offers users not only the ability to compare prices of products and services; it tracks other attributes and sales benefits key to quality decision support before you define your own pricing policy.


    When searching for particular products, in most cases, prospective buyers will visit well-known global e-commerce platforms, smaller web stores, go directly to sellers' web pages or use the countless price comparison tools in order to make their purchase decision. As soon as they arrive at an agreeable combination of price and other parameters (like payment method), their decision to make a purchase will be very rapid. The DWEM Price Comparison service is designed with this in mind – offering support for your business so that it can keep a step ahead of the competition at all times.


    Getting to know the competition, how and when they change their prices, what their availability is, what additional benefits they offer and so on – all this is information which, ultimately, helps you to formulate the best offer for your products and services and thereby maximize profit. Via the DWEM Price Comparison service it is also possible to bring into play the benefit of dynamic price positioning, which is based on algorithms you can determine yourself, automatically defines the best possible price, and will maximize your income and profit.

Overall solution architecture
The architecture of the DWEM Price Comparison service consists of a data links to structured and unstructured data sources and a robust environment based on the DWEM Big Data platform for processing and treatment of such data in accordance to your business needs.
Industrial application examples

    Timely price positioning against competition in the hotel industry often represents one of the key elements of successfully selling hotel accommodation and related services. Our DWEM Price Comparison service offers users the possibility of constant oversight of direct competitors' accommodation rates, as well as other parameters which are components of their prices. All data is monitored on the global Online Travel Agency web pages or individual hotel web pages.


    The competitive offer of financial services (e.g. credit, savings, insurance policies and so on) become more dynamic day by day. Constant access to information about direct competitors' products and prices is the key not only to achieving a better market position, but also the basis for improving sales results. The DWEM Price Comparison service makes sure financial institutions like banks, insurers, retirement and investment funds, brokers and the like have access capability to all necessary information about competitors' market positioning in a single financial service and product.


    The world internet market is growing unstoppably year by year and the challenges of this way of selling and getting access to customers become greater accordingly. Creating competitive advantages to get ahead of competitors in specific product categories or just in single products as well as getting timely alerts of opportunities for price positioning and profit maximisation is all work that is an everyday challenge to all sorts of people.

    With our DWEM Price Comparison service, we are able to completely simplify this work to users from the eCommerce sector. Using DWEM Price Comparison, everyday availability of key information for quality positioning ahead of your competition becomes our concern.

Examples of possible price comparison parameters
  • Number of guests
  • Number of nights stayed
  • Room type
  • Room orientation
  • Type of service
  • Reservation cancellation policy
Examples of possible price comparison parameters
  • Price
  • Offer
  • Storage inventory
  • Product and service specifications
  • Payment method
  • Delivery method


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