Informix Database Administration

The administrative programme that provides the user with systemic administration of the Informix system.

Admin Program is an administration programme that provides the user with systemic administration of the Informix system.  By signing up to Admin Program the user is completely freed from everyday obligatory activities linked to Informix system administration.  The initial programme operations include verifying the parts of your IT system.  In this check are included, among others, archiving procedure revision, IBM Informix system procedure revision and data distribution per disk, etc.  The user receives a revision report from ALFATEC Group with recommendations for changes needed.  Daily business administration is performed via remote access, while an ALFATEC Group support specialist performs monthly operations at your workplace.

Some of the activities of the system administrative service are as follows:

  • database monitoring
  • archiving verification and initiating archive procedures when necessary
  • free space verification and adding new disk space
  • table size growth check and reorganising of table location
  • checking and controlling activity and number of users
  • archive production (attendance of staff users required; duration depends on database size and speed of archive production)
  • reorganising data base as required
  • installing newer releases as necessary
  • quarterly reports including performance description, database volume and stability

For more information about Informix database administrative services, please contact us.

Informix Database Administration


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