Planning and Budgeting

The planning and budgeting process performs a key role through which a company's business aims are determined.

Planning and budgeting is a key process through which a company’s business aims are determined, as well as all dependent elements influencing the achievement of that plan.  Most often this process is complicated by a stack of contingent Excel tables which are diffficult to manage and also make possible a lot of errors.

With the introduction of modern application solutions, the process of planning, budgeting and forecasting is completely optimised in such a way that users, through a simple interface, have access to all the functionality necessary for effective and efficient work.

ALFATEC Group as a technological platform in the field of implementing solutions for planning, budgeting and consolidation uses SAP BusinessObjects Business Planning and Consolidation technology – which, from the many years of our company’s business experience in implementing solutions like these in different industries, offers our users solutions at the highest business and technological level.

Some of the attributes of  SAP BusinessObjects Business Planning and Consolidation

  • GUI – Well-known user interface – Excel
  • Streaming process flow – management and control over the entire planning process
  • Administration – simple management of users and their rights
  • Data entry – simple creation of entry forms by the user
  • Functionality – access to advanced functions for data management
  • Drill-down – intuitive navigation to all levels of detail
  • Data Storage – consistent, centralised data storage
  • Integration – integratability with other applications and databases for the automation of data synchronisation or realisation
  • Collaboration – employee collaboration
  • Versioning – the possibility of producing a variable set of plans and forecasts as well as their reciprocal comparisons and comparisons with execution
  • Reports and analytics – straightforward production of reports and dashboards by business users

Planning and Budgeting


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