Vulnerability Management

We offer a security platform with integrated automated solutions and services which will help you to achieve a high level of business security.

Vulnerability Management

Together with leading providers of Cloud solutions for improving information security and compliance verification, we offer our clients a security platform with integrated and automated solutions and services which will help them to achieve a high level of business security at a low price and with a simplified user interface with access steps as follows:
  • Detecting IT infrastructure
    Complete, exact and detailed IT equipment wherever it is located in the network environment
  • Continuous monitoring
    A new generation of services which give you the ability to identify threats and track unexpected changes in the network environment before they become a bigger problem
  • Web application overview
    Automated testing of web applications to identify application vulnerabilities, incuding cross-site scripting and SQL injection
  • Managing vulnerabilities
    Direct insight into IT system vulnerabiliites and recommendation of methods to eliminate specific weaknesses
  • Compliance checking
    Automatic IT security configuration appraisal inside the network environment helps you reduce risk and comply with internal policies and external regulations. (ISO 27001 PCI DSS ...)
  • Accessibility

    Complete Cloud solutions without hidden costs

  • Automatization

    Completely automated scanning and reporting schedule, designed so that without the need for added activity, the schedule may be adapted to initialize scanning and thereafter the adapted reports.

  • Precision

    Objective third party analysis has demonstrated that Qualys, with continuous accuracy checking of all reported vulnerabilities, patches and corrections, almost eliminated false positive and false negative findings. This makes Qualys more reliable.

  • Scalability

    With the concept cloud-based, it is easy to adapt your needs in harmony with organisation growth, by simply adding capacity that meets the scanning, analysis and reporting needs of your organisation.

  • Ease of use

    In just a few hours, the user can become efficient in applying the the solution's full suite of capabilities.

Vulnerability Management System


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